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Best And Worst Coaster In California

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Worst Woodie: the Grizzly

Best Woodie: the Giant Dipper


Worst Steel:

Best Steel: the X's have it! a tie between X2 & Xcelerator

Best Steel pretending to be a Woodie: California Screamin'

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Best: X

Worst: X


Yup, my best and worst coaster rides have both been on the same temperamental beast. I've yet to ride it as X2, but I don't count that as a new coaster anyway.

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"Best" is a tough choice because there are a lot of coasters I like a lot. Tatsu is up there pretty high in my personal rankings, along with Xcellerator, Space Mountain and California Screamin. Maybe finally getting to ride X2 will change my mind?


Worst is easy: Grizzly at CGA. It may be the worst coaster ever, anywhere.

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Worst Wood: Was Psyclone and now I can't think of one that I don't like!

Worst Steel: Boomerang


Best Steel: X2 or Tatsu

Best Wood: Roar


Best experience: Space Mountain

(I just had to work Space Mountain in somewhere. I love it that much!)

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Best steel: Stealth (Thorpe park)

Worst steel: Vertigo (Walibi Belgium)


Best wood: Troy (Toverland)

Worst wood: Pegasus (Efteling)


Um, those are actually not in California just in case you didn't know. It doesn't take much to read the title.




Best Steel: X (Haven't been on X2 yet)

Worst Steel: Kong


Best Wood: Giant Dipper (SCBB)

Worst Wood: Grizzly

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Best steel: Stealth (Thorpe park)

Worst steel: Vertigo (Walibi Belgium)


Best wood: Troy (Toverland)

Worst wood: Pegasus (Efteling)

I don't think you have read the topic title??

This topic is about the best and worst coaster in California!!



Worst steel: Vortex (CGA) - A real torture device

Best steel: That's difficult - Tatsu (SFMM), Xcelerator (KBF) or Riddler's Revenge (SFMM).

I haven't been on X (or X2) yet, because it was closed during my SoCal visit in 2006.


Worst wood: Grizzly (CGA) - The world's largest piece of fire wood

Best wood: Big Dipper (Belmont Park),

if I had done Ghostrider (KBF) back in 2006, this would have been the best woodie in California, But it was closed

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Since there aren't really all that many outstanding coasters in CA, especially NorCal, there seems to be a pretty broad consensus...which I'll join, more or less.


Best steel: XCelerator, Tatsu, X2, with a shoutout to the drop and helix on Goliath. Oh, and the new Space Mountain is pretty splendid.


Best wood: GR was down last week, and my memories of it are pretty rough. Roar at night, on the other hand, can be amazing.


Worst steel: so many to choose from. Kong, I guess.


Worst wood: why fight the world? Grizzly.

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I agree with some of the ppls list here, but here's my pick.


Best Steel: Top Gun (PGA) pulls nice lat/ver g-forces.


Best Wood: GhostRider (KBF) the momentum is constant and swift at various points


I would consider my worst list, not a worst at all, but rather, disappointments.


Steel: Vortex (PGA) for a compact lay-out -stand up, all it offered me was a nice intense lateral dip before the corkscrew at the end.


Wood: Psyclone (SFMM) momentum of the ride was like pressing pause and play. the ride 'played' on every drop, however, every climb/crest the train made was slow enough to 'pause' my excitement.

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I've only been to SFMM, and Disney (both parks) in California.


Best: Deja VU

Worst: (Tie) Superman the Escape, Space Mountain, and Viper


Wow, I've never heard anyone call space mountain one of the worst and Vu as the best. You have unusual taste in coasters.

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