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Best And Worst Coaster In California

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As of now...


Best Steel: Tatsu followed by Xcelerator (Full Throttle is a very close third)

Worst Steel: Excluding kiddie and family coasters, the bottom three are (in no particular order) Knott's Boomerang, Kong, and Vortex


Best Wood: Gold Striker followed by Apocalypse

Worst Wood: Grizzly, although Belmont Park's Giant Dipper isn't much better

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When old threads like this reemerge I always have to do a quick scan to see if I posted here or not and also find out out of curiosity if my opinion has changed. It feels almost like opening a time capsule.


Well couldn't turn up anything so here are my preferences at the moment.


Best Steel: Tatsu

Honorable mention: Manta (deserves a mention because it is at my very top of of my reridability list)


Best Wood: Giant Dipper at SCBB (Reridabiliy a big factor here too and the fact that every year it seems to run better then I last time I remember)



Worst Steel: Kong


Worst Wood: Ghostrider (At it's current state)



And just to throw some opinion into this I'll try to throw out some guesses as to how I would rank the coasters if I had ridden them in their optimal condition.


Best Steel: Revolution (Classic Anton, would probably rule all other rides without OTSR and allowed to run full speed)

Best Wood: Ghostrider (Rode it the year Knotts was sold to Cedar Fair and had my mind blown, first time ever I experienced super negative gs)


Worst Steel: Pony Express (Because it is a pointless use of space and the layout is an afterthought)

Worst Wood: Grizzly (Even if it ran full speed and was smooth, I don't see the layout really amounting to much)

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Steel- Definitely Xcelerator. Although there's a few other good ones: Tatsu, Superman @ SFDK, Flight Deck, Manta, Full Throttle.

Wood- Apocalypse followed by Giant Dipper @ SCBB. I'll get up and ride Gold Striker once Undertow opens and I'm sure it will top the list.



There's two reasons why I wouldn't like a coaster. It utilizes none of it's potential or it just sucks.

Steel- Revolution has SO much potential and the way it's run now frustrates me to no end (especially after riding Mind Bender @ SFOG)

But Kong is just a terrible coaster in general. Vortex is also pretty bad.

Wood- GhostRider wins for not living up to its name! It could be AMAZING, but instead it kills your back...

I personally think Grizzly is the worst wood though, it's mediocre by design.

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It was fun to read this entire thread, and see how things have changed over the years.


Here is mine:


Favorite steel: Medusa at SFDK...I have never enjoyed a first drop into a loop more in my life. There are more extreme, I know. For example, I love X2 SFMM, YOLOcoaster SFMM, Superman UF SFDK, and Tatsu SFMM for example. But I just have a permanent smile on my face with every ride on Medusa.

Favorite Woodie: Gold Striker at CGA....nothing comes close, but an honorable mention to Apocalypse SFMM.


Worst Steel: Vortex at CGA, with a dishonorable mention to Viper SFMM. Many have mentioned Kong SFDK. For me, this is a ride that depends on where you sit. I really enjoyed Kong while riding first car. Anywhere else, it sucked.

Worst Woodie: Ghostrider at KBF, with a dishonorable mention to Psyclone SFMM, even though it is gone. Both of these were so good in past days, and they both went to crap.


Great coaster turned into a bad coaster: Revolution at SFMM. What a great ride ruined by the OTSR.

Best non extreme, just fun coaster: Undertow SCBB...this ride is just plain fun. I just wish they really let these cars spin more.

Biggest waste of space: Pony Express....If only we had a ride with a seat like this that was bigger, and more fun. Imagine, cars like a motorcycle, going through an extreme moto-cross track.

Most underrated coaster: California Screaming DCA. Long, airtime, launch....and does not shoot it's wad right away. I really like how the loop is later in the ride, instead of right away. Just fun, fun, fun.

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Best: Tatsu (Honorable Mention to Monty, Ninja, Batman and Apocalypse)


Worst: Green Lantern (Honorable Mention to X2)


Then again I actually kind of liked Pony Express and the Santa Monica West Coaster on our most recent trip to California so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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Best Steel: X2 or YOLOcoaster, maybe?

Worst Steel: Probably CGA's Vortex, even though it isn't that bad. Everything else is, well, just better.


Best Wood: Gold Striker tied with the SC Giant Dipper. GS is just a blast, and it's filled with hidden airtime. The Giant Dipper is a real classic, and also is filled with airtime. An added plus is that it is still smooth after 90 years.

Worst Wood: Probably Grizzly; I liked the ride, but everything else is just more interesting.


I am going to visit Knott's soon; My new steel may be Xcelerator, and my new worst wood may be GhostRider, but I don't know; that's just based on stuff I've read on the website.

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Best Steel: X2 (rode back row inside and found little to no roughness), Tatsu, and YOLO

Best Wood: SCBB Giant Dipper (with Gold Striker as a very close second; I still haven't been on Apocalypse)


Worst Wood: Roar...which could be awesome if it didn't give me a severe headache every time I ride it.

Worst Steel: Kong. I actually don't mind Vortex for whatever reason, even though I noticed a teeny bit of headbanging.

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