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2020 TPR Coaster Poll!

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Hey everyone!

Despite what has happened in 2020, parks and coasters around the world have still opened, so the TPR Coaster Poll is back for its third official year!





We have over ONE THOUSAND coasters that you can rank on the poll, so whether you've been on every Intamin coaster in the world, or only have been on the coasters at your "home" park, your vote matters! As always, we're taking steps to promote the poll on Theme Park Review's social media channels. If you're one of TPR's followers on social media, and you're reading this for the first time - welcome!


Please read all three of the following posts in their entirety!


So how do you vote? Follow these steps!

  • 1. Go to coasterpoll.com. That's the easy part!
  • 2. Click the green "Sign Up" button at the top right of your browser window. This will be your login so that your vote will be counted, and your rankings will be saved for next year. If you are already a member of the TPR forums, we kindly ask that you give yourself the same username that you have here.
  • 3. Search for parks and coasters that you've been to! You can use the search bar at the top right to search for a specific coaster, or use the "Coasters" link at the top left to see the the full list. When you're viewing the full list, you can use the "Change List" button to sort or filter the list out. You can view all of the coasters at one particular park, or all the coasters by one manufacturer... It's up to you!
  • 4. IMPORTANT - Mark the coasters that you've ridden. Next to every single coaster is a green "ridden" button. If you've ridden a coaster, click that button and it should turn to a solid green color. You need to do this for every coaster you want to rank!
  • 5. Rank your ridden coasters! When you click the "Ranking" link at the top left, you'll be taken to a listing of all the coasters you've marked as ridden. Now, you'll want to assign each coaster a number rank. You can either drag and drop each coaster to the order you want, or complete your ranking in a spreadsheet style. It's up to you! You can also give coasters tied rankings if you want, like if you can't decide what your favorite Vekoma SLC is!
  • 6. If you voted last year, make sure you click the yellow "Not Done Yet" button to "release" your rankings so you can add the coasters that you've ridden in 2020.
  • 7. IMPORTANT - Click the green "Done Ranking" button! When you click this button, you're all set! If you ride a coaster between now and the day the poll closes, you can go back to your ranking and click the yellow "Not Done Yet" button and adjust however you please. Don't forget to click the green button when you're done.


Just like other enthusiast polls, you will find that not every roller coaster is included, as that would be impossible, but we have included as many relevant ones as possible. See the next post down (the FAQ post) for more info on our selection process.


Voting is now CLOSED. Look for the results soon!


The other thing that would really help us out... Please SHARE this link as much as you can! On your social media, on your blogs, in any videos you might produce, etc, getting as much data as possible will allow this poll to get better and better!

This is a continued team effort by Chase (Comeagain?), Robb (robbalvey), and myself (A.J.). We appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing the results as much as we're sure you all do.

Have fun, and happy ranking!

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the poll.


How does the poll work?

The way coasters are ranked is based on whether riders prefer one coaster over another. The more that one coaster is preferred over all other coasters, the higher its individual rank is. It's not just about how many votes a coaster gets.


How did you decide which coasters to include on the poll?

Generally, any coaster that is the size of a wild mouse or larger is included on the poll. However, there are exceptions - a few smaller coasters are on the poll, and a few larger ones aren't. Selecting the cutoff based on size means that we can be objective about which coasters are included. In addition, we require that coaster has to have operated for the majority of the season to be considered.


Are large traveling coasters such as Olympia Looping included on the poll?

Yes! Search their names or find the park called "Traveling".


I've ridden so many coasters that I don't feel like individually ranking them all. What happens?

You can rank your coasters in batches if you want! For example, you can give your "best" coasters all tied ranks of #1, then your "awesome" coasters all tied ranks of #10, "good" #20, and so on. Or, you can just choose not to rank coasters you consider as "okay" or "average". Or, you can rank your top 50, and then give your "middle" coasters all tied rankings, and then rank your bottom 10. It's up to you! The poll cares about how coasters compare to each other, not just which ones are ranked first or last on peoples' lists.


I can't recall which of the Vekoma boomerangs I've ridden is the best. Does it matter?

For "cloned" coasters such as Vekoma boomerangs, B&M Batman inverted coasters, and the like, we have "aggregate" entries. You can search for the word "clone" and they will all show up, or you can rank a cloned coaster individually. All the appropriate entries will be averaged together and the aggregate entry will be the one that gets ranked in the final results. We have done it this way so that casual users can search for the Hersheypark Sidewinder without knowing that it's a Vekoma boomerang, for example.


My favorite coaster is missing! Why is that?

We've gone to great effort to include every major coaster on the poll, but we may have missed one. If it meets our "rankable coaster" guidelines, and there is enough of a desire to include it, leave us a comment or a reply to the TPR Forum thread and we'll look into it.


Will I be able to see other peoples' ranking lists?

No, we won't be making any users' ballots visible. We understand that previous polls have done it this way, however, we value privacy. If you want to publicly share what your top coasters were, great! However, we won't force that on anyone else.

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Finally, here is some info on some additions and changes for 2020!


Brand-new coasters for 2020

  • Candymonium - Hersheypark
  • Eagle Warrior - VinWonders
  • Euro-Coaster / Christmas Coaster - Traveling
  • FLY (F.L.Y.) - Phantasialand
  • Forest Predator - Happy Valley Nanjing
  • Gesengte Sau - Wiener Prater
  • Hals-uber-Kopf - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
  • Launch Roller Coaster - Sun Tzu Cultural Park
  • Light of Revenge - Happy Valley Nanjing
  • Objectif Mars - Futuroscope
  • Orion - Kings Island
  • Pitts Special - PowerLand
  • Roller Ball - Wiener Prater
  • Roller Coaster (Maurer spinning coaster) - Galaxy
  • Sandy's Blasting Bronco - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey
  • Saven - Farup Sommerland
  • Shred the Sewers - Dream Island
  • Suspended Family Coaster - Happy Valley Nanjing
  • Texas Stingray - SeaWorld San Antonio
  • Vertika - La Recre des 3 Cures
  • Volldampf - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
  • Wakala - Bellewaerde
  • West Coast Racers - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Wrath of Zeus - VinWonders


Coasters that opened too late in 2019 to be considered for 2019's poll

  • Boomerang Hyper Coaster - Trans Studio Action Zone
  • Canavar Dalga - Wonderland Eurasia
  • Dragonfire - Adventure Island Qatar
  • Launch Coaster - Sun Tzu Cultural Park
  • Nickelodeon Slime Streak - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey
  • Relámpago - Mundo Petapa
  • Sandy's Blasting Bronco - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey
  • Shredder - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey
  • Timmy's Half Pipe Havoc - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey
  • TMNT Shellraiser - Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey


Coasters that were left off of the 2019 poll by mistake

  • Dancing Oscar - Shinhwa Theme Park
  • Skyliner - Lakemont Park
  • Thunderbolt - Gyeongnam Mason Robotland


Some notes on the poll this year:

  • Lightning Rod at Dollywood will be considered a wooden coaster for the 2020 poll.
  • Quimera at La Feria will remain on the poll this year despite its SBNO status. Due to the ride's significance, it will not receive a new entry when it reopens at Indiana Beach in 2021, instead having its park and name changed. The same will be true for Cascabel 2.0, assuming it opens at Indiana Beach itself.


Coaster poll protocol for standing but not operating (SBNO) coasters:

  • If a roller coaster that was previously listed on the poll goes into a standing but not operating (SBNO) state, and it's assumed that the coaster will operate again eventually, you will still be able to rank it like any other coaster. However, during any season(s) where the coaster is SBNO, it will not be calculated in the final ranking and will not show up on the final results. Any coaster that is SBNO as a result of an upcoming conversion, such as with wooden coasters being re-made by Rocky Mountain Construction, will be eliminated from the poll entirely as the "old" coaster is effectively defunct.
  • At the time of this writing, no major coasters have gone SBNO for the majority of the 2020 season outside of park closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please help us out!

If you see a coaster on the poll that has closed and shouldn't be there, or if you see a roller coaster that was re-named and it's not reflected, please let us know!




And, as before, please let us know if you have any questions!

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  • A.J. unlocked this topic

You're always great at pointing those missing coasters out, Garet! Much appreciated.

As for your broken images issue... I'm not noticing that regardless of which browser I use on any of my devices. Not sure how to help you there. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Nice one, thanks to AJ, Robb and everyone else involved with this!

This year was super easy as I only had four park visits in all of 2020, resulting in only one new credit, tho I did bump a few other things around. Top 25:


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I think my only new credit this year was Big Bear's new mountain coaster - but it doesn't look like mountain/alpine coasters are included in the poll, anyway.

I also noticed Green Lantern First Flight is still on the list despite being put out of our misery.

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On 1/12/2021 at 8:55 AM, A.J. said:

I've ridden so many coasters that I don't feel like individually ranking them all. What happens?

You can rank your coasters in batches if you want! For example, you can give your "best" coasters all tied ranks of #1, then your "awesome" coasters all tied ranks of #10, "good" #20, and so on. Or, you can just choose not to rank coasters you consider as "okay" or "average". Or, you can rank your top 50, and then give your "middle" coasters all tied rankings, and then rank your bottom 10. It's up to you! The poll cares about how coasters compare to each other, not just which ones are ranked first or last on peoples' lists.

So if our first batch with everything ranked #1 had, say, 20 coasters, would the next batch all have to be #21?  First time voting this year so just want to be sure I'm not skewing any results 🤪

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I would recommend spreading out your batches in case there's a new coaster you ride later that might end up between them. What the poll cares about is whether or not you prefer coaster A over coaster B.

As for mountain coasters, no they are not included.

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  • A.J. pinned this topic

Considering that 2020 was the first year in forever that I rode new coasters, this was super easy. Still got to add West Coast Racers since I got that very late 2019, but it opened too late for the 2019 Rankings. But even so, updating my 2020 Coaster Submission took less than 5 minutes.

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I'm not sure if this is one would qualify, but would it be worth adding Tom and Jerry Swiss Cheese Spin at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi?  Zamperla essentially took the Sierra Sidewinder layout and its indoors with some blacklight effects.  I'd be interesting how it compares to some of the other spinners out there.

Great job getting the poll together again!

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Always excited to fill out coaster polls and glad to see that it has returned despite the wacky 2020 season! The two main coasters I noticed missing that operated most of this season were Leap the Dips and Skyliner from Lakemont Park. I also didn't come across the wild mice found at Lake Winnie or Family Kingdom, but I would think those are trivial additions despite the trimless brutality/glory of Wild Lightnin'. 

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Thanks for noticing that. At the time Lakemont Park went SBNO, we didn't have the SBNO protocol we did now, so it was removed from the poll... And it just never got added back.

I've added Skyliner back. Leap the Dips does not qualify despite its historical significance. And the two wild mouse coasters you mentioned are also too small to qualify... The smallest wild mouse coasters that generally are on the poll are the Mack Wild Maus compact models.

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