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Where In The World Do TPR Members Live?

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I live in Sydney, Australia - it's a great place to live but...


Sydney Population: 4.34 million

Sydney Coaster Population: 1 wild mouse

Decent Coasters within a 1000km radius: 0 (just before Gold Coast)

Distance to nearest coaster in my top ten: 8000 miles

National Population: 21.374 million

Coaster Population: 18 (Intamin - 5, Arrow 2, Mack 1, Sh!?house - 10)

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I'm from Windsor, Ontario. We're the armpit of canada...not exactly attractive I know...


I am from the arm pit of America. Terre Haute, IN. At least that is what Steve Martin called us when he visited my town in the 70's.


Bloomington, IN.

I'm more than 2 hours away but less than 3 hours away from: Indiana Beach, Holiday World, & Kings Island.

It's a bitter sweet thing... 3 great parks all 2.5 hours away


Isn't it great being that close to all those parks? Plus I get to add SFSTL within a 3 hour drive.

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Bowie, Maryland: Largest city in Prince Georges County!


right around the corner from Six Flags America (so close I can hear Joker's Jinx on a quiet day!!), 1 hour from Kings Dominion, 2 hours from Busch Gardens Europe, 3 hours from Hershey Park and Six Flags Great Adventure.


I'm also 20 min from DC, 45 min from Baltimore, 2-3 hours from Ocean City, MD.


Its a pretty awesome place to live if you dont mind 100*F summers and 20*F winters, plus digging your car out of 20 inches of snow from the blizzard we just had this past weekend!

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I can't post myself...seems the link isn't working.


I live in Pasadena MD which happens to be one town to the east of Millersville MD.


Why is Millersville MD significant?


It's the home to Premier Rides HQ as well as IntaRide, Intamin's North American (if I'm not mistaken) division.

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