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How many North American Wooden Coasters have you ridden??

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126 Wooden Coasters will be operating in 2017 in North America (Organized chronologically from RCDB) - Click on this List Challenge to see how many you have ridden!!


(I put in the three 2017 coasters so people can update through the season and this list won't become obsolete in a couple months)

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I had less than 10 to go before the 2017 additions


Zippin Pippin (Bay Beach) *

Gold Striker (CGA) *

Lightning Rod (Dolllwood) *

Goliath (SFGAm) *

Roar-o-saurus (Story Land) *

Mystic Timers (Kings Island) *

InvadR - (Busch Williamsburg) *

Mine Blower (Fun Spot)

Switchback (ZDT)

Roller Coaster (Upper Clements)

Kiddie Coaster (Rye Playland)

Classic Coaster (Washington State Fair)


* Trying to ride these ones in 2017

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About the same number as the other list I did:


Score: 21 of 126 (17%)

Rank: #1048 of 2044 users (top 51%)


Woo Hoo!

(EDIT for current ranking.)

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I got 57! (45%)


I love wood coasters so much and I feel like I'm severely lacking a large part of North America's substantial collection. I think I need to spend some time combing the MidWest and Pennsylvania for the majority of the coasters I'm missing.


Also, it bums me out that Mexico City's wood coaster was closed last March when I visited...

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116 of 126 items (92%)

Rank: #1 of 191 users (top 1%)


Robb must not have hit submit because he had a couple extra on me and should have been number 1.


Can you think of which one's you're missing?

The ones that haven't opened yet (obviously) and then I think it was Upper Clemens (or something like that), the stupid one at Wild Waves, and Zippin Pippin. I think that was all of them I was missing, and I have no plans or desire to ever get those three.

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45 (36%) for me. I do have the kids coaster at Rye though which is obviously a rare one since I grew up visiting the park before it became a complete sh*thole (either that or I was too young to notice). I'm not much of a credit whore but I scooped up a rare one by accident when I was a kid, so... go me. lol

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I haven't been on as many wooden coasters as steel but ill list them here in no particular order.


1.Hoosher Hurricane(Indiana Beach)

2.Cornball Express(IB)

3.The mountain coaster also at indiana beach (to lazy to look up the actual name)

4.Voyage(Holiday World)



7.Beast(Kings Island.I wish i got a chance to go on Son of Beast but my friends with me didnt want to go on it...looking back should of just went on it myself! sad i lost that opportunity)

8.Viper(Six Flags Great America)

9.American Eagle(SFGAm)

10.Goliath(SFGAm,yes i consider RMCs wooden coasters)

11.Silver Comet(Martins Fantasy Island

12.Preditor(Darien Lake)

13.Mean Streak(CP)

14.Blue Streak(CP)

15.Hurricane(Myrtle Beach Pavilian)

16.Hades(Mt Olympus)

17.Zues(MT O)

18.Cyclopes(Mt O)

So 18 wooden coasters. Wooden coasters i want to try: El Toro of course!! Lightning Rod(when its in good working condition of course) and Pretty much the rest of the RMCs! Oh and when Mean Streak becomes RMC'd in the future as well.

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1.Shivering Timbers(MIA)

2.Wolverine Wildcat(MIA)


4. Florida Hurricane now Arkansas Twister(Boardwalk and Baseball)

5.Triple Hurricane(Cypress Gardens)

6.White Lightning(Fun Spot USA)

7.Wilde Beast(Canada's Wonderland)

8.Mighty Canadian Mindbuster(Canada's Wonderland)

9.Blue Streak(CP)

10.Mean Streak (CP)


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