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When does an element become an inversion?

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Does the rider have to be completely upside down for an element to count as an inversion, or does an element such as a heavily overbanked turn count?


The rider must at some point be rotated 90 degrees.


Close to upside down within 10 or 20 degrees. A tilt incline loop like on rougarou would probably be the limit. On both our B&Ms at Canadas Wonderland it is about 10-30 degrees off being sideways, but I don't count it being inverted.


The tilted loop would count because the rider was rotated 90 degrees from their previous position.

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135 degrees banking.

Came to post exactly this but you've got it. Exactly halfway between sideways and completely inverted. Outlaw Run's first turn (153 degrees) is an inversion, but Millennium Force's first turn (122 degrees) is not. If you watch some '99 MF promos (which are so worth watching on repeat) you'll see it claim a world record as the "steepest non-inverted turn." They had that down 17 years ago.



when your feet go above your head.

I don't mean to nerd out too much as coasterbill was mentioning but this would classify Fury's 91 degree overbanked turnaround as an inversion since technically the plane you sit on is beyond horizontal. I don't think anyone's out there arguing this is an inversion, so I'd disagree with this.

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