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Favorite attraction never made?

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From old Blue Sky Imagineering, there was a Circus Town planned for where (approx) Big Thunder is now,

with a Discoveryland, as well.


And part of Circus Town was a dark coaster ride called Mickey's Mad House. Not to be confused

with a Haunted Swing ride, this was basically going to be a (then) Mad Mouse coaster, totally enclosed,

and mainly in black & white for everything, including the sets, characters and Mickey himself!


I was really hoping that maybe, just maybe, they might have considered this attraction, for one of those

big tents over at the Magic Kingdom's Expansion in WDW. I think it would have fit perfectly into one

of the tents. But it would be a family thrill ride, not for the very small ones.


There's still hope for this to be built!


A young Tony Baxter overlooking the scale models of Circus Town and Discoveryland.

MMH was to be the show building between Baxter's hands.


Looking the other way, MMH is behind and to the left of an elevated Dumbo. Casey Junior was to get a

newly located station, as would the main railroad that goes around the park. Toontown now has that station.


Mickey's Mad House proposed entrance queue.

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^ I have an art rendering of that coaster, here.

I think we'd be sitting in 'cauldrons' the bats are carrying, lol.

I agree, that's another one, in fact that whole Land I wish they'd done.

I know there's a few more artists' concepts around, just not sure where.


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I would have to say the Jurassic Park Safari at Universal Studio's Hollywood. It was eventually scrapped for the River Adventure after it was deemed to difficult to re-create the T-Rex chase. Too bad cause it would have been awesome.


The second was the dueling raptor woodie's plan at IOA. This could be an idea that resurface's in the future.





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I have a fondness for the old Western Rivers Expedition, which was going to be Frontierland's version of Pirates of the Caribbean.




Then again, Big Thunder arose from all this work, too--and that works for me.

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Disney's Mineral King Ski Resort


Disney’s Sky Crown Resort at Mineral King would have been a ski resort located in the Mineral King Valley adjacent to Sequoia National Park in California. The overall project would have been a joint project between the United States Forest Service, who owned the land, and Walt Disney Productions, who the land would be leased to for 30 years. The resort was supposed to mimic the ski valleys of Aspen and Vail in Colorado; Mammoth Mountain, CA and Sun Valley ID.


Disney’s Sky Crown would have been like no other ski resort; Walt Disney wanted to design a family friendly resort where skiing was far from being the only activity. Although it would not be the only activity, it would have been an excellent ski resort with multiple trails and over 14 ski lifts, called WEDlifts. The resort’s winter activities would not only include skiing but also: ice-skating, tobogganing, sleighing and dogsled rides. The goal was to attract families for overnight stays.




The proposal by Walt Disney Productions (today, the Walt Disney Company) envisioned an "American Alpine Wonderland" on the floor of Mineral King Valley: a five-story hotel with 1,030 rooms, a movie theater, general store, pools, ice rinks, tennis courts, and a golf course. Twenty-two lifts and gondolas would scale the eight glacial cirques above the village, leading to ski runs four miles long with drops of 3,700 feet.


Disney realized that ski operations alone were rarely profitable, but visitor services would produce projected revenues of $600 million over the resort's first decade. Ten restaurants and cafes would feed the hungry crowds—including a 150-seat coffee shop perched atop Eagle's Crest Ridge, 11,090 feet above sea level. For entertainment, Disney's Imagineers designed a show with singing, robotic bears that eventually became the Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Disneyland.



Much of the resort was to be car-free; day-use visitors and hotel guests would park downslope in an 8-10 story garage with room for 3,600 automobiles. From there, a cog railway would transport them to the main resort area. The Disney plan also called for extensive support infrastructure, including water storage tanks and a sewage treatment facility. The resort's price tag? $35 million. (By comparison, Disneyland had cost only $17 million in 1955.)


Long story short, after Walt Disney died this project died with increasing opposition from Sierra Club and other groups and people. If it would have been built it would have been closest ski resort to where I live (tied with the China Peak Ski Area) being only a few hours away. It would have been interesting to see a Disney take of a ski resort and how they would have revolutionized the ski industry.


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I had no idea that Disney wanted into the skiing world... This would have been interesting... What was the timeframe for this project? Since it seems like it faded after Walt's death, opening would have been in the mid 70's or so?


I'm just thinking along the lines of your comment about revolutionizing the ski industry... It would have had an impact, but to what extent I don't know... It's a cool little thing to think about though...

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I have the feeling that a lot of the "attractions never made" are going to come from Disney.


Call it a hunch.


Lots of stuff for EPCOT was deisgned and imagined, but never got made. Japan was to have a

Mount Fuij indoor coaster similar to what the Matterhorn was like. There was also speculation

about a "carousel of progress" style attraction about Japan itself, called "Meet The World."

That actually made it to Tokyo Disneyland, and lasted several years.


Then there was the Rhine River Cruise in the Germany pavilion. Apparently there is a pair

of doors near the back of the pavilion, that would have been the entrance into it.


Africa had one in the works, but then Animal KIngdom opened and Africa literally got a

good chunk of that park, itself.


Spain and Israel and Russia were a few others in the Blue Sky stages, but never realized.


How Japan could have looked, if Fuji was built. And you can barely make out a

coaster train, near the top of the mountain, there.


Inside Fuji.

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^ I have an art rendering of that coaster, here.

I think we'd be sitting in 'cauldrons' the bats are carrying, lol.

I agree, that's another one, in fact that whole Land I wish they'd done.

I know there's a few more artists' concepts around, just not sure where.


I think it was going to be like a section about mythical animals like unicorns if I remember correctly. Also, holy shit does that dragon look awesome.

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^ Hey, I've been bummed out about a lot of the Disney attractions

that never came to be. A few of these ideas, are over 40 years old too!


That's how long I've been living with some of these past ideas.


The good thing is, Disney has shared a lot of these ideas with us, that

they really didn't have to share. Good for them on that.


This was circa.1982, just after EPCOT first opened. Thank you Yesterland.com for this.

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Disney's America that was proposed for Haymarket Virginia but got turn down from the locals. It was supposed to be themed and dedicated to U.S history. Also Marriott's third Great America that was supposed to be built near D.C. It's such a shame both never happened...



Concept art for Disney's America

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