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Favorite attraction never made?

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Definitely the beautiful Togo masterpiece that should've been Superman Krypton Coaster.


Ah I remember seeing this picture a long time ago. It would have been interesting for sure, although I think it's safe to say SFFT went for the better option.


I really want to see one of these in the future. The layout looks much better than the 10 inversion models.


Yeah, that layout looks really good! I love the straight drop followed by a flat turn into the Norwegian loop.

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Well there's the Schwartzkopf Suspended coaster prototype that I suppose turned into the Big Bad Wolf, but still I would have loved to see what it would have been if Arrow hadn't taken over the project. I think Schwartzkopfs are all still amazing coasters, and I bet their suspended coasters would have been no exception.



And speaking of Arrow suspended coasters, the famed corkscrew prototype! I bet this would have been awesome too!



And I know people don't typically like Arrow, but I still would have loved to get on a full version of one of these bad boys.


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Disney's America that was proposed for Haymarket Virginia but got turn down from the locals. It was supposed to be themed and dedicated to U.S history. Also Marriott's third Great America that was supposed to be built near D.C. It's such a shame both never happened...


[attachment=0]Disney America Over View LG.png[/attachment]


Yes, locals were very much against Disney's America and felt that park would ruin the "historic" character of the Bull Run battlefield and the town of Manassas. Of course, now the area is covered with housing developments, suburban strip malls, and Cracker Barrel restaurants. Oh, well . . .


Spot on, Chuck. It's really sad what the area has become. Fortunately, the Manassas National Battlefield is still pristine when you're on the property. It's a shame everything else went to hell. Getting there is a combination of driving thru a Nascar race on the highway and a ghetto filled with endless strip malls. Bull Run park is equally beautiful but much smaller, even locals don't even know about it which is sad as it's only 3 miles down the road from Manassas Battlefield. "Bull Run is the place that has all those Christmas light decorations that you see from the highway..." "Oh YEAH! Wait, that's a park too?" My family was always for Disney building there as it meant lots of money with incentives to keep things looking nice. Nature took its course, or something like that, and the reality isn't quite what locals thought it'd be.




>Locals aren't happy with a theme park honoring american culture

> Are fine with a strip malls







Sadly, i live 1 mile from the battlefield and this area is TERRIBLE. Even if some miraculous way the park had been built this area would of dragged it down......

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WestCot. A planned sibling of EPCOT, to sit where DCA now sits.


Just a thought, if they had built this park, instead of DCA, then Carsland might very well

have ended up at the Disney Hollywood Studios in WDW.


With Star Wars Land beside it.


One of my favourite artist concepts of the proposed park.

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The "Excavator" wooden mine train coaster planned for the Dinoland section of Animal Kingdom (specifically the Chester and Hester subsection). It was gonna have a machine dinosaur.


I found the art concept we all saw back then, when it was announced as part of Animal Kingdom's opening attractions.

It "looks" like it was a wooden coaster, they had going in, around, and through a "mountain" (excavation) of some kind.


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One attraction that has always been an interest of mine that was kinda built, but not finished was the Rhine river boat cruise ride at epcot. It was supposed to be located in the German pavilion, but was never built and is used for a warehouse now.


More info on it here...



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The second was the dueling raptor woodie's plan at IOA. This could be an idea that resurface's in the future.

According to rumors, the idea is being somewhat repurposed as a Donkey Kong mine cart attraction as USF. Very unlikely to be wooden though.


We can only hope it is an RMC

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