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Your First B&M Coaster?

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Raptor, in 1996. Back then, I had no expectations of what a "B&M coaster" should be. There was no precedent. All I knew was it was a gigantic, futuristic-looking coaster and it was wildly popular with super long lines. I don't think I even knew who designed it.

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Iron Wolf at SFGAm. It was fun in its early years, but turned into an ear-attacking death machine towards the end. However, you can't help but marvel at what B&M was able to come up with as newcomers to the scene. Two years later they built Batman at SFGAm, and that is still one of the most intense rides I've ever been on.


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My first was Alpengeist, as that was really the only B&M in the Baltimore/DC/VA area at the time. As for my second, I want to say it was Great Bear (which opened about a year later), but being that it opened only a month before I moved to California, I rather doubt I had time to go and ride it as I was busy with moving preparations. So, that would make my second B&M Batman TR at SFMM, and then probably Riddler's Revenge after that. Then I moved onto Northern CA where I rode Vortex at CGA (which I found surprisingly head-bang-y, especially since I had heard of how super-smooth B&Ms usually are).


Funny thing is it took me a real long time to ever get to ride a plain old sit-down B&M, having had two stand-ups and two suspended B&Ms under my belt. I didn't accomplish that until I moved back east and rode Apollo's Chariot in 02' or 03'.

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Silver Bullet, in '06 or '07. By now, I have ridden most of the inverts in the US, so Bullet feels weak by comparison today. However, at the time of my first ride, the largest coaster I had ever ridden was California Screamin. So, my first ride on a B&M was pretty much the greatest experience of my life. This was the coaster that converted me to being a young enthusiast. I would honestly rather relive that moment than my first ride on El Toro.

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