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Your First B&M Coaster?

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My first B&M and my first roller coaster that went upside down was the Great Bear @ Hershey Park. Great Bear isn't filled with sand so it is very loud, you can hear it 'roar' as it runs through the park. The Immelmann Loop is so well placed because it runs right up against the pathway as you go through that part of the park so one has no choice but to see and hear the ride.


To this day it is one of my favorite B&M's because of that spaghetti bowl Hershey Park has created b/c of their hilly topography, limited space and commitment to building world class rides. The majority of the ride feels like it is trying to avoid other rides and sections of the the park. Also the helix before the pre-drop is still a crowd pleaser.

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All my "firsts" happened at Busch Gardens Tampa. That is why that park is so special to me.


In order:






Sand Serpent



So my first B&M was Kumba.


Check out those plates... (and that Kings Island tan line on my left leg.)....LOL



I did not list Gwazi because my first wooden coaster was Beast at Kings Island.

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