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  1. Finally got out to Knoebels with the kids for the first time this year. Daughter also decided to try out Flying Turns for the first time and loved it, so that totally makes the trip worth it. Also finally tried their Gator bites.... that.. not so impressed with, I really don't get why people thought they were so good.
  2. Didn't get a chance to actually ride them with the new restraints yesterday(downfall of chaperoning a field trip and trying to get the kids on as many rides as possible) so I guess I'll have to try and get out there another time. On a brighter note, got my kid on superdooperlooper for his first inversion coaster(yeah, I know it's SDL, but still, I'm happy) so I guess there is always that bright spot to look at.
  3. Looks like my first trip out to Knoebels will be on May 22nd with my kids. Might have been May 7th, but my son and paintball had other plans. I need my Phoenix fix damn it!
  4. Looks like I get to chaperone my son's Music in the Parks field trip to Hershey Park in May. Went last year when the school went(not as a chaperone, which was a surprise to my ex) and I can't wait to head back there again. I really enjoy the park and I can't wait to get on them coasters again... along with some flats because I'm sure the kids will want to go on some. Separate side note, I do love seeing Bill always talking up Knoebels.. it makes my heart happy
  5. God I can't wait for Thursday, now just need to wait on my brother to know if he's coming along or if I am flying Han Style.
  6. I think the most likely ones will be the ones they cut off last year that can easily be closed off again. I'd say major rides in Holiday in the Park areas are likely to be open (except Twister... it'll be broken, it's goo at that), I actually think El Toro and El Diablo will be open too. I would bet on Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, Bizarro, Safari Off Road Adventure, Bugs Bunny National Park, Skyway and Runaway Mine Train being a crapshoot. Some of those were closed during the bonus weekend last year and the Golden Kingdom can easily be closed off. I'm assuming this is mostly a staffing thing, obviously I'm speculating though. I wouldn't say there's anything that's guaranteed to be closed but I think those are the most likely areas. that was kind of what I was thinking, so it's one of those things where I am hoping for the best prior to the announcement of what they are actually doing. Kind of hard for me to get up any other day this first week so I'm hoping at least for el Toro and I can deal with the rest being a crapshoot.
  7. Plan on going the 24th since I have hockey on the 23rd. After seeing their letter about only select rides, I'm hoping to see a full list so I can determine truly what I am doing.
  8. Walt Disney World(all parks) Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure Sea World Orlando Busch Gardens Tampa Fun Spot America Watermania Wet and Wild Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hershey Park Dorney Park Sesame Place Knoebels Six Flags Great Adventure Astroland I think that is everything
  9. Batman: The Ride at Great Adventure. Actually, this was also my first ever coaster with inversions that I ever went on as well.
  10. That might honestly be one of my favorite scenes from that movie and there wasn't really anything even to it
  11. March: Going to hit up Great Adventure on the 24th(praying to the gods) April: Going to hit up Knoebels for it's opening weekend May: Hershey Park with my son(hopefully) June: 12 day trip to Orlando with my kids so all the major parks down there that I can I'm sure I'll make a couple of more visits but that's definitely in the cards right now.
  12. I really hate to jump in on this, but considering it's been explained how the structure and words of the statement comes off as a fact, several times I might add, and you still haven't come to grasp this, I'm really starting to question if you are just arguing for the sake of arguing, or you are trolling. Take your pick, but several people explained why they read it as a fact, with pretty darn good reasoning and you still don't get it and seem to just want to pick an argument with them. EDIT: spelling errors.
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