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  1. If anything, with all of these TR's coming in, I am glad to see that Superman is in red and blue again. The red track pops so well against a blue sky, it is ridiculous. As for the actual ride experience, from what everyone is saying, in my heart of hearts, I knew they would mess it up somehow, and I am not thrilled about the VR addition either. I am excited to go back and ride Wicked Cyclone though
  2. The entire CZARFACE II album (7L & Esoteric w/Inspectah Deck)
  3. They were topped with a light dusting of snow yesterday morning. A couple of pebbles fell of the top of the pile too due to the wind. Do we know if the pebbles of gravel that fell are okay?? Or are they are going to be suing Six Flags for not providing enough barriers from the wind? Actually, it was a sign from Six Flags Great Adventure about their next attraction. The two pebbles represent the two syllables of the type of ride, which would be "t-rex" They're getting creative with their hints. Good thing we have TPR sleuths here to keep us informed.
  4. ^^ But the thing is, a mere hour and a half away (not that great of distance in the grand scheme of things) is Six Flags Great Adventure, which for roughly the same price, offers infinitely more than Luna does. The price tag of $35 would have been partially justified for what it offers, but $70? No.
  5. In high school, I took 4 semesters of engineering courses (basic, entry level courses, mind you) and was planning on designing roller coasters for a living. But somewhere along the way, I had a changed of heart, and I ended up choosing Film Production, and I am currently a couple of semesters away from that BS*** ***Bachelor of Science. I could have sworn that Film Production was a Bachelor of Arts, but my mistake.
  6. Those restraints are real, 100%, no doubt about it, no question. Coasterdamus is completely literal though. Nothing goes over his head, for his reflexes are too quick. He would always catch it.
  7. Speculation would point to StR leaving, although Cedar Point has not confirmed or denied the rumors at this point EDIT: Also, I think after the 2013 incident, down time, and low rider count, it would only strengthen the argument that it would be coming down.
  8. Good lord! Why should they stop there, though? Why not "Columbine: 4-D: The Interactive Experience: The Ride" or "Vietnam Flashbacks" and it's a Vekoma Boomerang.
  9. I rode the Woodstock Express at Cedar Point for the credit. Alone.
  10. Canobie Lake Park usually has decent flat ride aesthetics, but Skater is ugly as sin, to be honest.
  11. Damn. I didn't know the boat ride was no longer operating. My wife and I went on it several years ago and actually thought it was a nice/fun break from coasters. A break from coasters.........that's cute Most times it's not a sickness/endurance thing. I just don't get much enjoyment out of marathoning a coaster, or going coaster-to-coaster constantly. It becomes monotonous. I agree. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I find great enjoyment at just walking around a good park. I bought the Flash Pass when we went to SF Great America, and I didn't ride any coaster more than 4 times. Most I rode 1 or 2. I got it just to make it a relaxing day where I didn't have to stand in lines for 80% of it. A theme park day should be relaxing. I know I didn't feel that way when I was a teenager; I think I might be starting to grow up. Nah, I'm posting on a roller coaster forum. I'm safe from that for a while. I feel like even at my age right now (20), I've been going to theme parks and all that jazz for a little under 15 years now, and it's harder to pull the numbers that I use to. When I was 11, I think (or during the first two seasons of Kingda Ka) I pulled off an impressive 20 some odd times in one day. At SFNE, I did S:RoS about 15-16 times in one day (all of this with aide from the Flash Pass, of course). Now, I would be hard pressed to reach those numbers again. I think I could do it, but I might need a break in the middle.
  12. Came across this while on Facebook. Aerial footage of Geauga Lake, although nothing new, thought it was interesting enough to share. The video is about 6 minutes long.
  13. I am fairly certain it was an Arrow coaster, but your point is still valid
  14. Took a bit of search refining, but I found the video of EXT I was looking for
  15. ExtremeRoller and Rail Blazer were both 1984 Arrow retrofits, and both were then reverted to their former coasters after only one or two seasons, with the the former (EXT) being removed completely over time. There's actually a video floating around YouTube of EXT in action, albeit it's not the best footage and the majority is shaky handheld. However, during that video, I believe there is an on-ride POV with someone holding the camera (the footage is ass, though). But it would be interesting to find that video again to potentially get an idea of how Rail Blazer might have operated as well.
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