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  1. Is this the first coaster at CGA with a covered station? Also, this version also has 3 trains as well. I'm curious if it will feature the same type of moving walkway too.
  2. It's been interesting for me to think about that side of CGA, and how they're rumored to be building another in-line seating coaster on the same side of CGA 30 years after the demolition of Whizzer.
  3. Retro Night I would imagine is pretty busy. I went to Retro Night like 10 years ago. The deal was something along the lines of specific soda cans having coupons on them, and you'd bring the can in and get a 10-dollar unlimited wristband. I remember the lines being pretty long. Still fun and a good deal though.
  4. Top Gun. The helix over the water as the finale is still one of the most intense coaster endings. It felt like it was pulling my face off.
  5. I love the colors of this coaster. I think it looks fresh, and will look incredible with those trains in the promo in real life (if they look as good as in the promo). With that said.. Does anybody else think the view of Joker with Medusa in the background and the paint/scheme juxtaposition of both rides makes Medusa look extremely faded? I feel if they repaint it, they should go with something other than purple and green, especially since they're both at the front of the park. Or is this pretty common with Six Flags?
  6. I'm Andrew. I've followed this site for almost 10 years now, and FINALLY joined and posted. It's a pleasure to meet you all!
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