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  1. Rode Apocalypse for the first time last week...so painful I thought Shockwave at KD was much more enjoyable in my opinion. Also, while I did opt out on the VR on S:ROS, I was getting slightly frustrated just because of how much longer the process takes to dispatch a train as opposed to without it. Now with one train operations along with that, a small line turns into a long wait.
  2. Yeah, I agree. Nothing wrong with the layout, whats wrong is how violent and rough it is.
  3. That looks amazing! I've been on the one located at WISP resort in Maryland, USA and that was great fun. This one looks like a blast with a great setting.
  4. The bottom of that sign had a Mach Tower logo, probably not a valid clue.
  5. Looks like it should be a great ride. I really dig those colors too.
  6. Loch Ness Monster at BGW. Coaster #1 too. She's special to me haha.
  7. I personally hope they reconsider the placement of the panels. Using renewable energy to power a park sounds environmentally great, but that probably would not make up for the loss of trees and habitat for the ecosystem caused by the deforestation. I think parking lots are a great idea for the panels. Since parking lots are already impervious surfaces that increase stormwater runoff, why not at least slap some solar panels over them to make up for the fact it's already negatively impacting the environment. Another thing is that the shade would be very nice in the summer! As far as human violation of solar panels, I think that is truly a minor concern. I definitely would not put it past someone as people lack respect these days, but if they are high enough off the ground there should be little to worry about. My college campus has them installed in our lots and even if someone were to crash their car into one of the structural beams, the car would most likely take all the damage assuming they are traveling at parking lot speeds. I would just hate to see all of those matured trees removed.
  8. If a ride op asks you to help operate the ride that you are about to get on. It happened to me on Skull Mountain at SFA, but being an enthusiast I found it fun haha.
  9. I can attest to Millennium Force's layout being the "best" in my opinion. For someone like myself who loves height and speed along with a smooth ride, Millennium Force is essentially the perfect coaster. Others that come to mind are Storm Runner, Apollo's Chariot, El Toro, I305, Rougarou, Lightning Racer, Alpengeist, Dominator, Magnum XL 200, Nitro and Skyrush. These are just the coaster's I have ridden however. Expedition Ge Force, Goliath(WW), Fury 325, The Voyage, Ravine Flyer II, and Superman at SFNE look like they are great coasters judging by their layouts alone. Maybe someday....
  10. First B&M was the summer of 2006 on a family trip to BGW. Alpengeist was the first for me and actually my third coaster ever. I was terrified and excited going up the lift haha.
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