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How many songs

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4567 Songs

3 Movies

7 Music Videos

100 TV Episodes

around 2000 pictures



I have alot of full albums on there, where I only like one or two of the songs, idk why it just bothers me when I don't. Same goes for having Album Artwork and correct song info, those are both a MUST for me.

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Well, my ipod can't carry that many songs... so as of now, I have about 200 or so, which is really annoying since I'm always having to delete songs to make room for new music. Thinking of getting the iTouch. Anyone have it? And is it worth the money?

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^If you're looking for a good deal, go to Craigslist.org to find an iPod. My friend just bought a brand new 160 GB iPod Classic for $175. The owner put it in a nice leather case once he bought it, and there wasn't a single scratch on it. Not only that, but it came with about 2000 songs that my friend wanted. It also came with a four hour "movie" of a certain naughty genre. It was quite entertaining watching his mom look through it and clicking on "Everyone is Doing It" and instantly turning to him and asking him what the hell it was.


Wow, I went slightly off track. But yeah, Craigslist will often have some seriously good deals on electronics if you get lucky.

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Last time I checked, I had around 165 songs out of 4 gigs total. I have around 50-100 songs stored on my computer that I haven't transferred yet, so once I do that, I'll have over 200 songs...


Pretty pitiful compared to everyone elses iPods though.

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I have 1,189 songs on my Ipod. It is a 4 GB 2nd generation Ipod and that is 3.9 GB of music. When I got my laptop a month ago, it came with an 8 GB Itouch. I've started putting songs on it now but it only has about 25 songs on it at the moment.

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