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How many songs

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1277 on my iPhone.

I have loads more songs though, so I rotate it. One sync I'll have some bands then the next sync I'll put others on.

It's a good mix though, from Beethoven through Linkin Park then through Dragonforce and System of a Down to Avenue Q, Hairspray and Wicked. Also got some Motorhead, Toto, Bell Biv Devoe, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Flight of the Conchords, Green Day and Glen Miller.

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About 4200 on my iPod and 4450 on iTunes (some of that is my dad's music, which is not for me.) But, I haven't put any CDs on iTunes since June, so I have about 200 songs waiting to be put on the iPod. Most have album artwork, correct titles and artists.


I need a new iPod, my 30GB is almost full.

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Still re-uploading from a computer backup, but it stands at 1646 right now. Quite a bit of music on the way too, obviously all with correct artist / album art. I'm even obsessive enough about that to have a high quality album art folder with which I save every cover of a band's discography even if I've only bought one album of that band.

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I used to have around 1200 songs before my computer got a virus and I had to reformat its hard drive to get rid of it, erasing my iTunes library.


I have 410 on it right now...still have to get around to ripping music from lots of those old CDs I had.


I hate it when I have to look through someone else's iTunes and it's completely unorganized. If I see something labelled as "Track 01" with no artist or album info, my heart hurts.


LOL, then you'd hate looking through my iPod. My Artists tab is full of things like "Blue Techno CD", "iTunes CD 3", and all the songs in them are labelled by their track number when I ripped them. I guess I'm just used to being a very unorganized person.

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I broke out my new 16gig MP3 player yesterday and transferred about 20 songs from my old player and added 10 new songs. I’m planning on transferring the 50+ songs from my computer to my new MP3 player. I had around 230 songs on my 4 gig player plus around 10 new songs and the 50+ songs on my computer, which totals up about 290 songs.


EDIT: That's not counting the podcasts, FM recordings, and FLV files I have on my computer that I have to move...

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