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How many songs

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I have a 4 GB green Nano. It has 440 songs and I'm struggling to fill it up! I only really put songs on it that I listen to on a consistent basis. It's usually in shuffle mode anyway because I listen to all of the songs. Now if they had a cheap 1,000 song shuffle I would so buy that

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Alright I pretty much hate it when people ask me this question. Everybody responds like, "Oh I have like 8945 songs! How many do you have?"


I currently have about 150. Those of you that have more than 1500 songs there, do you go into Songs and hit play, or make a playlist of all the good songs and listen to that all the time?


I go in and hit Shuffle because I like (and listen to frequently) ALL of the songs on my iPod.


I do have plenty of vids though

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I currently have 1,487 songs and about 20 movies. But to be honest, the amount of songs I have will go down once I stop being lazy and listen to the 500 or so songs I've yet to listen to that I got from my friend's iPod. I took about 1,800 songs from him (his entire iTunes), and am going through his music and only keeping the songs I like. Currently, I have a playlist of songs that I like and it contains about 900 songs. I also have a few smaller playlists of songs that I really love that vary from 10 songs to 100 songs. That way I can have the correct playlist for whatever mood I'm in.


On another note, some people say I listen to music too much. My top 25 played songs are all played over 150 times each, and every song in that 900 song playlist with the exception of a few has been played over 20 times. My top played is just under 600 times. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite songs, and I listen to it at least once every time I use my iPod or listen to music on my computer. There are quite a few songs on my iTunes that when added up, I've listened to for over a day's worth of time. How many times have you all listened to your top played songs?

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7029 at the moment. This doesn't include a fair amount of live sets, comedy albums, and old crap that I won't ever listen to again.


There's a large amount of stuff I don't listen to, but I'm really OCD about my iTunes library and feel the need to have entire albums on there, even if I only like one or two songs on that album. I also spend a ridiculously sad amount of time organizing and tagging my MP3's, adding hi-res album art, and keeping it as organized as possible. I hate it when I have to look through someone else's iTunes and it's completely unorganized. If I see something labelled as "Track 01" with no artist or album info, my heart hurts.

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^^Lol, I completely agree with you. Whenever I download new music, the first thing I do is go in and correct any incorrect information, and make sure it has album artwork (if the song even has album artwork that is). I know quite a few people who have around 9000 songs, and half of them are the "track 1" type songs, and when I ask them what they are, they know the instant they start listening to them. I just don't understand why some people know the name of the song and refuse to change the title to the correct name.

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