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Show us your collection!!!

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We all collect stuff! Some of us more than others. This is the thread where you can take pictures of your cool stuff and show it to us! Remember you can easily go snap some pics on your mobile device and upload them directly from there!


Here's just a few of the random items you'll find in the TPR office from our many travels & events over the years...
















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I used to collect a TON of stuff, but as I have grown older, I now try to stick to quality not quantity.


Lately I have been getting old Cedar Point mugs from Ebay. Two of them I have owned for 40+ years but the others are new to the collection.


An awesome 20th Anniversary collectible from Tokyo Disneyland 2003


A 2000 banner from Epcot that they sold to cast members.


Not mine, but my husband got these when working at EuroDisney before they changed the name to Disneyland Paris.


The back of the mug

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Souvenir cups are pretty much the only collection I have.



Left to Right: Six Flags Great America (2007), Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion


I did have some shot glasses as well, but I haven't used them in a while.

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^ That SCREAM tower looks great! Is it just a decorative thing,

or does it "do" anything, like become a lighter (ha ha) or do something else?


And what's that bolt from?

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^ That SCREAM tower looks great! Is it just a decorative thing,

or does it "do" anything, like become a lighter (ha ha) or do something else?


And what's that bolt from?


Sorry I didn't name that bolt. It's from the original Rattler.


That scream tower is only decorative. I'm sure they will have a lighter in that form by now

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Here's some of the stuff that's either on display, or might be worth displaying once I put up more shelves.


Here's the stuff in the hallway. Going to left to right: Lake Winnie Cannonball parts and model train, Xcelerator launch cable, Maverick model train, Arrow wheel from King's Island (probably from Vortex), Dragster model train, Dorney Park Laser train I made, Belmont Park Giant Dipper bolts (I've got an upstop somewhere too), Wooden Warrior wood, Skull Mountain wheel, Ghostrider axle, Texas Giant bolt, GCI train axle, model Euro-Mir car I made, KBF Boomerang wheel (I like this one, since it has KBF stamped into it, plus a bunch of dimples that look to be from hardness testing).


Left to right: Disneyland Carousel miniature model (more on this below), Helter Skelter thimble (eBay...), Cyclone model, SFMM Tower thing, Dumbo model (see below).


Ok, so I found a bunch of miniature models from Disneyland CA at a model shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. The carousel and dumbo were among these. I seem to have gotten models of about 1/3 of Disneyland, but I haven't found anything on the internet of anything similar. Anyone seen any of these before? I'll have more from this haul coming up.


Big Thunder Mountain model and train (including another of those mystery Disneyland CA models I found in Japan), Expedition Everest model car, Journey model car


Mirabilandia model (from when they still had the wooden coaster), bunch of Merlin parks ride models (I keep the one of Nemesis at my desk at work).


Disneyland miniature models, including dark ride facades (more of the random Tokyo models), a Matterhorn ride car, and a Matterhorn mountain model (also found in Tokyo).


So most of the rest of this is stuff that isn't on display. These are more of the models I found in Tokyo. Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye


Disneyland Main Street buildings


Tomorrowland models. The inside of the Star Tours building actually has a Starspeeder model. Not sure what I did with the rest of the spinning satellite dish thing that sits in the middle of Tomorrowland.


Small World is the last of the Disneyland models I found in Tokyo.


Bunch of Disney ride vehicles


More ride vehicles and stuff.


Jaguar wheels, Coast Rider wheel, and an old stein from Magic Mountain (found at a thrift store).


Most of the rest of this is ceramic stuff I've found at thrift stores (I sell a lot of other stuff I find on eBay).


Behold, California Past-o-Rama! I got the Santa's Village plate a week or so ago, pretty cool. There's also POP, Busch Gardens Los Angeles, and some old Knott's stuff.


Zoomed in on one of the Knott's plates. Cycle Chase!


More ceramics. I also collect stuff from World's Fairs.


And the last of the non-display stuff. Mostly mugs.


Nice old Magic Mountain plate


Ashtray from the California Pacific International Exposition in San Diego in 1935 (held where Balboa Park is today). I don't think they had any coasters this year at the Novel Midway (bottom left), but in previous years there was a wooden coaster.


That's all the nerdiness I can handle for one night. Next time... shirts and wood!

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Some of the stuff that I have- I used to get stuffed animals, but then they started taking up way too much space. Now I just get random stuff, though I've focused on glasses lately as they are useful as well as collectible. Since I live in a single room apartment most of my stuff is in drawers, and I don't get much cause there just isn't any space.


I have quite a few t-shirts too, though I realized I was getting too many of them as well. For a bunch of older ones that I particularly liked but were worn out, and those I would never actually wear as they were too dorky, my sister made them into a quilt for me, which is what I arranged everything on. It's a bit too big to fit into a picture on it's own.


Stuffed animals! El Toro, Sheriff from Monster Mansion, Mystery Mine (with light-up red eyes!), Manta, Barnstormer, Possessed, Steel Force, Hydra, Oblivion, and a Sun-baby from Space Fantasy


Random Stuff, including 24 Hour Disney Side ears, Medusa Snow Globe, Disney Vehicle Models, Texas Giant Bolt, and SFOT Parachute Piece


Other randomness: Japanese Hand Towels, Playing Cards, Sheriff's Badge and Pins


And glassware! Some of which actually gets used, which is nice. Whenever I become a real person perhaps I can use all of it and get more. The leather coaster is a Dollywood souvenir, with the logo imprinted from their leather craftsman shop.


And Disney glasses. The smaller two are from Japan, Mickey has the castle and Minnie has Mt. Prometheus.

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I keep most of my stuff on my desk at work


Bobbleheads and snowglobes! And Mirabilandia for good measure.


Lots of Disney stuff.


More Disney stuff & Evac for good measure. Prototype 3D glasses.


Journey ride toy, USJ mini figures


BTTF snowglobe, bullet train, Jaws mini lego thing from USJ

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Here's some of the stuff that's either on display, or might be worth displaying once I put up more shelves.
Where did you find this stuff?! I must have... NOW!! They are so amazing, and I have never seen anything like these*!

* Maybe I have been living under a rock...


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I got mostly SFSTL stuff.


Not much but,


If you're wondering why the SFSTL stack of maps is the tallest, my friend swiped about 2 stack of maps from the park last year and he snuck 25% of it in my bag.


This is one of the 2 thing I'm proud of, the Before and After park pic from 2011 (40 years)


This is what I'm the most proud of. I found it sitting in a bin at a garage sale for 50 cents

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I usually haven't collected much stuff on my trips, but during my trip to Orlando in 2014 I did a bit of fridge magnets collecting. And of course I also have my Flower & Garden Magic Band from the 2015 trip.



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