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  1. It's from July 17 to 24 and has to be Disneyland resort cast member, and have to get a ticket at team center to check out Walt's apartment.
  2. Technically is not a ride photo but is a very hard place get into Disneyland, Its Walt's apartment this was a cast member open house to check out Walt's apartment.
  3. At property control, a cast member store and have been a cast member two buy the items there.
  4. Here some disney California adventure park signs in my room Here pic for me and Bob Gurr the oldest Disney imagineering.
  5. This was a Cast-exclusive ride time for California Screamin before the turn into Incredicoaster and we got free ride photos on it. I hope you guys enjoy this ride photo.
  6. Since i'm a cast member at Disneyland i get cast exclusive stuff and hub come off Montezuma's revenge. Buy at company D This come for California grand hotel at Disneyland rosort
  7. part 2 metro park pub Thank you six flags magic mountain invite us to opening ceremony
  8. First major media event for a grand opening and I had a lot of fun. I thought the new Justice League: Battle For Metropolis was a good break in a coaster heavy park, especially in the summer when an air-conditioned ride is most welcome. The experience was fun as you help the Justice League battle to save Metropolis from Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Harley Quinn! The food was delicious with chicken and carne asada street tacos, fried shrimp, and fish and chips filling us up before Grand Opening. Desserts like chocolate fudge and caramel/apple slices put us in the mood for more Justice Leagu
  9. Here are my thoughts about the Metro Park Pub. The flat bread pizza was tasty and filling. I liked it but who doesn't like pizza? Deep fried fish and chips, fried shrimp, deep fried cheese balls and loads of fries lots other stuff to all make appropriate accompaniments to the craft beers on hand. IPA's and premium lagers grace a generous beer selection. You're sure to find a favorite. Metro Park Pub Last call one hour before park closed Stage for live entertainment Look like riddler's revenge sign redone Thank you six flags magic mountai
  10. Here are my thoughts on the throttle up dueling pianos. It was really nice to come in to cool air-conditioned room after a long day of riding roller coasters and listen to live pianists. I had a drink or 2 and ate some appetizers while enjoying the live entertainment of the pianists as they took requests and just seemed to know the very song. Full Throttle Nights Justice League Battle for Metropolis update New color scheme for THE RIDDLER’S Revenge THE RIDDLER’S Revenge sign still here Finally scream train match the new color scheme but is
  11. This is my first press event for TPR. I thought SFMM did a wonderful job coordinating this event. The food was good, the goodie bag is cool (I love the ornament) and the staff were really nice. For me the best part of the event was the Santa's Wild Sleigh Ride VR for the New Revolution! The attention to detail is noticable with a cool story line and crisp graphics.
  12. If push the button the demon came out her eat you soul I was hoping her top fell off but then I remembered it was a rotting corpse so what is the difference. Sorry to hear about your soul. You are probably wishing it was a topless gag now too, huh? Eh, anyway, souls are cheap If have 20 dollar bill put her face most likely get topless gag for you lol or eat your soul and I have no luck found soul on eBay now look in deep web for one.
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