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For us Disney Pin Freeks....


Was at the Disney Store last week, picking up another Pepita, from COCO, when they

talked me into buying one of the Limited Edition Holiday Pins available at Disney Stores.

There was two available, Minnie and Mickey separately, but I wanted just Mickey....for now.


And I'm thinking of turning Mick into a tree ornament! Possible, I believe. Stay tuned....


A "2017" is just above the letter "M" in MAGICAL. U.S.$5~Cdn.$6 each.

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My Disney Treasures Box arrived from Funko POP, this afternoon. And WoW!


The box is half the size of either of the other two I've gotten so far (Pirates Cove and Haunted Forest).

But it felt, after opening it, like I'd gotten TWICE as much stuff in it, woo hoo!


Best part of it, is near and at the end.


This is It? Where's the rest of the box? A bit of a surprise...


...Until I started to open it.


Inside cover has the complete "treasure map" on it.


There's an Olaf pin here.


And a Scrooge McDuck patch here, too.


While opening it further, I see Bambi peering out at me.


The map again, with the final stop, Ever After Castle. I am not interested in that one, so I will pass on it.


The reverse shows the contents, and little tidbits and trivia info. about each......item.


The Mystery Figure is Belle, dressed for winter in her red cape. I do not open it. I admire her from afar. (o;


First look at all of it.


Bambi looks like...well, Bambi! Wide eyed as ever.


Cool! An Olaf cookie cutter thing!


Outside of the Mystery (not so much) Figure that our Belle is in.


The top of it.


One side of it.


Another side of it.


And this - this is the Very First THERMOS they've ever designed and made!

Exclusive for this Treasure Box, with retro Minnie & Mickey on it.


Perfect to take along, filled with a nice hot.....beverage. (o;


Definite thermos material down there. Great surprise in this Treasure Box!


But then - I see - SOCKS! But not just "any socks"....


These are very special socks. NBC special socks, LOL!


I love it! First time in my life I have ever gotten socks. As part of anything. Truth!


So, although a small package, it was big in content and awesomeness! Ho ho ho!

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I forgot to add.... my first Tomica order (back in October) finally arrived yesterday!

It's a replica of the Big City cars that roam around the 1940's Waterfront Streets of

Tokyo DisneySea. This one reps the awesome live stage show, called BIG BAND BEAT.


I have seen it twice now, and love it. Have the cast cd.

Will definitely see it on our next TDLR visit.



Ain't it purty?

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^ Awesome to meet one of The Originals who brought Disneyland to life.

Lucky you, Jennifer! Great signs for your walls, too. I especially like the WoC one.



Speaking of Disney.... just got my latest collectible Takara TOMY Cars set......Ratatouille!

Three car set, but hey - my life works in 3's...so be it.


Bought it. Now I got it.


Ratatouille....on mini-cars! What's not to love!

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Recent eBay purchases, just arrived here at home, today....


Disney Sea's 15th Anniversary cars.


I really love mini-food trucks, LOL!


I already have the 2013 TPR Japan Tour's TDLR Pick. Especially for the Resort's (then) 30th Anniversary!

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Just got a couple of the DisneySea's Transit Steamer Line ride vehicles from TOMICA, via eBay.

I am infatuated with this particular ride vehicle - and the overhead Trolley cars, too!


Other TOMICA Disney vehicles are sold in the two parks in a few shops,

but also in Ikspiari Mall and Bon Voyage, outside of the parks.


Summer 2017 Edition.


Thanks to isabellaibebe for this sale. (o: And the photo of it, too! 2016 Edition.

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I just got this great little candy holder from Tokyo Disney Resort, through eBay.


Nothing says 'ooooooooooooooo' like Pizza Planet!





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^ Don't worry. It'll get worse, I'm sure.


...Speaking of "getting worse"...got THREE pkgs. this afternoon! eBay TOMICA packages from Asia.




Top & Bottom are Transit Steamers for 2015, Easter & Christmas;

Left is TDS' 13th Anniversary Midtown Cab (2014); Right is the last Star Jet

w/Open-Closing dates. Now gone for Beauty & The Beast and Big Hero 6!

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Got two of my little packages today. Two of several, eventually coming my way.


But one of them, those who love sky rides (hello, coasterbill?) might find....cool?

I picked two of these up on eBay. This one, in red. And the other (to arrive) in purple.


And it is awesomely TINY! I was surprised how small it actually was, when I opened the pkg.

But that made it even cooler to me! Here's a link to get your own Theme Park Cable Car....




This is a mini of the Ocean Park Cable Car, celebrating Ocean Park's 40th Anniversary last year.


That's a Cdn. quarter there in front.


What's still on the way to me. (o:

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I just pre-ordered two more 35th Anniversary Vehicles from Tokyo Disneyland,

on eBay. They're called Dream Cruisers and look partly like a bus, but

cut out in back, and opened up on top like a parade float.


They are available June 10th.



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I totally forgot I had this, until seeing this thread pop back up to the top reminded me.


a gift from my late Mother (whom I'm sure found it in a Goodwill) many years ago, but she knew how much I loved the place (and all theme parks) and so bought it for me:




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Very cool gift, Bert. I'm sure it's one of your most treasured souvenirs.


And ^^ your Disney/Knott's tickets collection is a-ma-zing! Wow, and I thought

I had a few good retro DL tickets, lol. And I don't think I have any from my early Knott's

visits back in...1963 and 1975? Excellent collection, you have.


My only display (it's on the stairway wall) of DL A-E tickets I saved.

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^ WoW! You're a very lucky grandson, lol!

Any ideas on how to expand it all, if need be?

Although I do see you have some space, still.



Haha, yes I am. My grandfather loves to tinker with carpentry so he was happy to make me it. I think it has enough space for a shot glass from all the USA parks. Once I start going international I will ask him to make another shelf!

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Just picked these TDS Ornaments up on eBay. For $6.99!

My holiday tree is going to look so awesome this year,

with these added on to it.


And 2 more sets are available!





Pardon the long link. I'm still not that sure, how to condense this into a single word (or phrase) link, etc.


Each one reps food from a different country: Pluto/USA; Goofy/Japan;

Donald/Mexico; Mickey/...France? Italy? Europe? Each one is 2.5" tall.

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