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The last new Coaster in your Count

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Do-Dodonpa, akaド-ドドンパ. Best launch in the world. Well, I've never ridden Formula Rossa, but this absolutely blew away Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka. Just wish I got to experience that top hat. Loop was still pretty cool though.



Formula Rossa's launch feels exactly like Dragster's launch except it lasts a tiny bit longer and gets windier at the end if you're sitting in the front. That wind is like a damn brick wall.

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Short list of the notable new ones...I was surprised at just how freeking good Fury and Intimidator were. My kids want to move to Charlotte tomorrow. Add those two to the rumoured Mack Launcher...I'm actually thinking about it, lol. Oh yeah...Afterburn was pleasant surprise,too. The little "hop" near the end reminded me of Fire Dragon. RIP



Steel Vengeance




Lightning Rod

Wild Eagle

Outlaw Run

Powder Keg

Time Traveller

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Slinky Dog Dash!!! The ride is much more of a kiddie coaster than a thrill coaster, but the theming is Outstanding on it, and you get some great views of Star Wars land! It was coaster number 363 and I need to hit 400 before I turn 30 next year. Maybe a trip to Texas, finally.



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