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Rough coasters

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Well since Viper at SFGADV is no longer not sure if we can count that but that was the worst ever. Flashback at SFMM one time only never do it again. If you don't know how to ride the Arrow Loopers they can give you a nice beating. Same with the Vekoma rides. I though X was smooth when I was on it January 03'. CoasterCrazy has it gotten rough since then?

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Viper @ SFMM- Even though I enjoy this ride very much, and the last ride I had on it was actually really smooth, it is overrall a pretty bumpy ride. Why, oh why, did they add the trim brakes?


Psyclone @ SFMM- I got off with a huge headache, my neck hurting really bad, and my butt so numb it felt like it was with a bunch of dry ice for three hours. Geez, I hate that ride.

---Brent 8)

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The only rough coaster experience I've had that's worth complaining about is my last ride (trust me, ride is hardly the qualitative word for what went on...) on Mean Streak.


For some inexplicable reason, I LEANED BACK (a huge No-no) in the valley after the first dip. To make a long story short, I got off with a headache, and mild nausea.


For several weeks after, I still got frequent headaches...but I'm all better now.

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Still haven't met one that i would never ride again. Just crazy I guess.


My crap list:

Tomb Raider - PCW

Top Gun - PCW






tomb raider is the worst ride ever IMO.. those cages are freakin awful. and, not to mention, you have to strain your neck to look up to look straight ahead... ugh! We called it "Womb Raider" because we think it made us all sterile!


And I agree with Top Gun except when I went this year it was smooth and fast! go figure!

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1. Hades360

2. The spinner at Chuanglord Manor

3. Looping Toboggan

4. Zeus

5. Fireball

6. Boomerang

7. Knock-off SLC (Dizzy Love and Whirling Passion)

8. Boss

9. Apocalypse SFMM

10. Real SLC.


Honorable mention: Gatekeeper, Parrot Coaster, Mantis, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, X2

You thought GateKeeper was rough? It might not be the best coaster, but I thought it was very smooth.

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^ I have to agree with you, with all my experiences on Gatekeeper i thought it was very smooth. With all the criticism this coaster gets it makes me feel like i rode it on an extremenly good day.

I think a big part of the criticism is where the coaster is located and what symbolizes set the expectations far too high. People expected GateKeeper to be just as OMG awesome as CP's last 3 coasters, which not only would be nearly impossible, but isn't what it was built for. People complain its forceless and has no airtime, then go ride Maverick.

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Most of the roughest ones I've ridden (been to 27 parks) have been demolished. (Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavilion, GASM at SFGAdv, Son of Beast at KI, Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv, Viper at SFGAdv, Two-Face at SFA on which I majorly chipped a tooth. So I'll leave those out.)


Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

MInd Eraser (SFA)

Timber Wolf (Worlds of Fun)

Shockwave (KD)

Hurler (KD)

Ninja (SFOG)

Mean Streak (Cedar Point)

Anaconda (KD)

Hurler (Carowinds) - This was always in worse shape than KD's but I hear it's much better this year

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