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  1. Wow, Diagon Alley looks absolutely fantastic. The dragon that sits atop Gringotts bank looks like one of the coolest things on earth. Universal Orlando is definetely on the top of my bucket list!
  2. Mantis needs to be torn down. I would love to see something like firechaser express in replacement. With that being said Raptor is in dire need of paint job. When I went to Cedar Point last year it looked very unkept.
  3. I dont know if anyone has noticed this but if you look on day 12 on 66 days at sea on one of the pictures there is a play button. If you click on it it plays a video of a camera in a pool of water swaying up and down. If you look closely when the camera rocks upwards it look like Splashin Safari considering the camera was swaying in one of the pools. I don't know if this was simply just to show that the seas were swaying or it was a clue that something big could be coming to the waterpark.
  4. Exterminator at Kennywood. Yes, i know it is a wild mouse and the theming is a little bit cheesy but there is something about this ride i adore. Also i find it to be very unique, the whole idea of a factory being overrun by mice just seems so weird..... but somehow awesome.
  5. ^ Yeah i remember looking for decent coaster games for mobile devices and noticed Aircoaster, i ended up buying it and i really liked it.
  6. I was looking at the web cams up at Cedar Point's website and noticd that Pipe Scream was testing! They have also done plenty of work on Lake Erie Eagles.
  7. ^ I have to agree with you, with all my experiences on Gatekeeper i thought it was very smooth. With all the criticism this coaster gets it makes me feel like i rode it on an extremenly good day.
  8. Skyrush and Maverick look like they're gonna be big contenders this year.
  9. Yeah i see sorry, should of put some more thought into my post.
  10. ^O sorry i had gotten confused with what you had said i geuss they arent doing terribly.
  11. According to CF's Fun Forward, MiA is making some decent money for the size of the park: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2012/01/cedar-fair-is-looking-fun-forward.html Geez they look like there in bad shape.
  12. Michigans Adventure comes to mind, whens the last time they've gotten a decent coaster? All Cedar Fair does is give them hand me down, and the park is pretty close to Cedar Point so im sure Cedar Fair isnt going to be sending anything decent there anytime soon so basically all the thrill seekers arent going to be visiting, unless the are desperate for credits. So my predictions are that sooner or later that park will start to lose money and eventually become bankrupt. Now this is my opinion im really not that sure on what goes on at Michigans Adventure and how they run business.
  13. Thanks for uploading, love to see whats happening in the offseason.
  14. Man thats kind of upsetting but whatever, i just hope it isnt extremely slow and losses all of its momentum after the first couple brake runs.
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