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  1. I lived in Moscow for a couple of years back in 02-04. I got to visit Gorky Park once (that was enough for me) and here are just a few observations from the PTR: The Iron Maiden concert is in August. Red does not mean "pretty" in Russian, it means "red". However, both words sound the same. Red being pronounced "Kras-ni" and pretty being pronounced "Kra-si-vwi" in their genitive cases. It's easy to make a mistake as the Russian Vocabulary has 6 different cases. I'm sure the McDonaldski pronunciation was a joke, because really- who can really tell? But the actual pronunciation of McDonalds in Russia is actually MAC-Donalds (and say it with your best Russian accent). The looping roller coaster was running back in 2003 when I visited the park. The loop packs some nice G's. Traffic was ridiculous then too. That's why most people take the metro (subway). Great pictures. They brought back a lot of good and bad memories from the motherland. I will say that I'm glad to be back in the States though. Maybe I'll go back and visit in another twenty years. "Molodyetz!" (Well Done) on a great trip report! Dave
  2. While riding Pirates at Disneyland the other day I heard a lady telling her kids that, "When I was a kid, they never had the drops at the start of the ride." Hmmm, I thought. My wife even turned to me and asked if that was even possible. I just gave her the look and she understood. That lady was an idiot.
  3. Lagoon has been running test runs of Wicked for the last couple of days! A video was posted on the homepage of www.lagoonisfun.com . Looks like it could open in a few weeks time! Exciting news!
  4. Hey everyone, My wife and I are heading down to California this weekend to visit family and friends, and we plan on going up to the mountain for a couple days. We want to go on back to back days sometime between Thursday August 3rd and Monday August 7th. Any ideas on which days will be least crowded? Thanks in advance! Dave
  5. ^ Sorry to break this to you, but we've all known about this for years now.
  6. Hey everyone, I just got this random flashback of that old Santa's Village theme park commercial from way back in the day. If I remember, it was located near Big Bear, Ca. Anyway, for all of you older generation folk, was there a coaster located at the park? I know it wouldn't have been anything huge, but as far as a kiddie coaster or anything like that, does anyone remember what the park consisted of? dave
  7. or you can do one of those name combinations... Elissa + Robb = Elobb Alvey Does anyone have one of those face distorter programs where they can combine two faces to make one? That would be funny.
  8. ^gotcha! Well, I've only lived out here in Utah for a few months, and everyone seems way nice. I apoloize If my question seemed a little pressing, I just got married and my wife and I are talking about when to possibly have kids. I still have a good 2-3 years of college left and I don't want any before I graduate. Seeing that Robb and Elissa have been married for a little while now, I was just curious. Nothing more than that. Dave
  9. so if not anytime soon, then when, and how many? I can totally see you guys with five little kids, all crammed into two matterhorn cars. :shock:
  10. Elissa, would you please change mine to, "I miss California". Thanks so much! Dave
  11. I know this question might be the most random question ever, but are you two planning on having kids any time soon? I know that would suck for Elissa because that's 9+ months of sitting out the big thrill rides. I can't imagine how lucky though your kiddos would be, getting to travel all over the world, riding coasters and all that. Ever consider adopting a married 22 year old? Dave
  12. I went through vegas last week and got a ride on high roller (on top of the stratosphere) and the ride-op said the resort is tearing it down on january 1st of next year, so if any of you haven't gotten that credit, you better head out there quick.
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