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  1. no, when ive been in line for oblivion for last ride of the day, around 1 hour after park shuts they test it, All day they have people on the tracks and around the structure
  2. Im starting to think flamingo land will get a woodie, However i think they will be another steel before the wooden or maybe a hybrid track to make the upkeep lower. Im thinking RMC as they are mega cheap and very reliable with a good safety record. The park have a really good saftey record, Apart from the well exaggerated hero accident were she used fake blood on her hair to get into local media. Point is RMC hybrid = marketing dream for UK as they (1) Look good (2) can be very compact (3) None of them in uk (And flamingo seem to add alot of UK firsts lately (First zamperla flying, First el loco, First moto launched coaster, First vertical swings, First disk-o (in the world),first combo tower and custom SLC) I still think they would get a clone of tempesto (Im not saying the standard version as i think Flamingo land would get the shoulder bar version due to the UK and how they describe stuff. UK Media described the swarm as unsafe when they found out about the vest so im guessing they would take note to avoid negative media. I also think they would get a 3 train version because the park is getting more and more popular lately due having the most coasters in the UK (Blackpool does not count as "5" of them should be 2 as they are the same) Not gunna go into that but apart from that, They are drawed with alton when the smiler is not SBNO.
  3. The staff were at the bottom of the lift before the trains lift reset, A few people told me an alarm went of at the bottom of the lift however i am not 100% about this. The block brakes failed and a lift hill sensor stopped the car. It has been testing, Theres nothing official but there has been many days were trains have been around the track and people have been around the ride inspecting it. Your probably aware of all the logo's being removed and all the merch regarding the smiler. However alton towers still have trade marked all the saying and "the smiler" trade marked and represented so i dont think it will be closing or atleast confirmed by the park. Yeah, They are recovering fine. Gertslaur vans have been spotted in staff car parking so im sure they will be taking a fare amout of blame. After all 2 sets of block brakes failed and it was a lift hill sensor what stopped the train, Followed by a reset. Im sure there will be part blame on alton towers for dispatching a car when one was on the lift hill however to run 5 cars on a ride, 1 would be on the block when another is going up (this is the same as oblivion) The ride was running with 2 on the track and 2 at the brake run meaning 5 cars were on the track, What is normal as they are running it at full capacity lately. My overview of this is that it should reopen and is safe, However they should test the ride and not run it in winds, Due to the direction of the wind as its in a large open area were the ride stalled, Alot of wind can be hitting the ride at that park and it needs to be under more control.
  4. I was at the park on the day of the crash, I was not in line for the smiler as it was down for technical problems on the morning. There was staff at the doors of the entrance saying that the ride will open soon but they dont know when. They sent around 40 trains before they loaded one with people on, The last 5 had nothing on the car. There was a bit of wind before the accident and there was a few times the ride was slow over the inversion in which it stalled on. There was no problem with the cars with the weights on, Just the empty ones. The last empty car was just coming off the lift hill when the loaded car was at the bottom successfully stopped. The reason the train was here was so there was trains constantly going into the station (what is normal for when a ride is opening to get loading times right) Anyways, When the test train (train B) left the lift hill, Train A (Loaded with people) ascended the lift hill. Train B Stalled on the batwing when train A was half way up the lift hill at this time, Around 5 sec. later, the train stopped around 7/8th's of the way up (just before it starts to bank over) and the riders were told they would be evacuated as soon as possible. For around 20 Min the rides train was stopped on the lift hill at the same part of the track until the lift hill reset and started up. Train A was onto the main track a few seconds after the lift hill reset, Passing through the track to the batwing element were the stalled train was. The noise was not a bang, It was more of a noise when you hit 2 forks together but on a much larger scale. It was a loud noise, I was closer to oblivion and thought id hear it from the hex entrance. I walked over and seen crowds of people peeking through the fence at the accident, I could see the people in the line all taking photos and a few of the riders in the car shouting "Help" and "Stop taking photos" Ect. There was 2 people who ran through to the shop and told the people in the shop what happened and a member of staff came out to look and ran back into the shop to the exit of the smiler.Around 5 min later loads of ambulances came into a park followed by a helicopter and alot of staff on wagons bringing platforms. People are saying the accident was delayed, But there was action taken within 1 min of the accident by the park, However ambulances were at a delay. There was park first aid talking to the riders giving them pills straight away. I never really seen if there was much blood, I just heard the crowd saying "omg" and swear words frequently. For respect, I left the area. I dont have any photo's as i thought it was extremely disrespectful that so many were taking photos and people were sending the flying camera gadgets over the ride. I found this offensive. I didn't call any services as i thought alton would have and some guests would have due to the amount of people in the q-line. I thought the lines would have been spammed and i didn't want to add to it. As an overview, Alton towers did alot to stop the accident but due to the lift hill reset the ride stopped. I think it could have been solved if emergency staff acted faster within the 20 min of the riders on the lift hill however after the crash i was impressed in how many staff were helping constructing the pathway to get everyone of safely on a steady surface, I think it was a good decision to make the platform some of the people who got off would of jest fell over due to the bankment of the ride. I give full respect for the people in the accident and hope the ride will reopen, However i think before they send empty cars, they should send loaded cars with weight in.
  5. THORPE PARK EXPANTIONS ALTON TOWERS EXPANTIONS Heres my predictions -Alton towers: (2016-2017)Alton are starting to get alot more limited for space, However i dont see anything being removed coaster wise, Im not sure if the park own the land i have highlighted but i have got a few spaces that the park could expand into. [FIRST SCREENSHOT] I think with the paramount park they need a new area, As the paramount park is aimed at family's i can see it having some sort of record and opening the same year as the new paramount park. I think it will have some basic family rides with amazing theming. I think they should go for a bit more of a teenage target market that kids still watch, I think the simpsons would do the job. I think this would be best in area 3 behind oblivion, using the submission area as a entrance and having the main entrance in cloud coo coo land. Then repaint up sonic and move that in the area, along with a disco-coaster (doughnut disc yellow track with a homer in the back) I also think the park lacks a 4D cinema, Ice age has good effects but id expect a funfair to have better (bench seats with fans under them and foam machines) So a 4D cinema building all themed as different simpsons buildings. I also think alton need a new thrilling flat ride, and the area should be thrills and family, so id say a s&s swing type or intamin/fabbri/huss/KMG gyro swing would fit well (could have many themes) And some fun family rides like a outdoor waltzer/twister and a dodgems (In follow with thorpe park) and a vekoma family suspended coaster like what fun spot now have. I think the area will also have a zamperla air race 8:4 model with simpson theme, a skate boarding theme would be cool! I think alton will go with 1 main manufacturer for the area use alot of zamperla kids/family rides in the area so they can market it as a family area but have the big rides in still to get teenager market groups in. I think the park would continue to do excellent and make paramount have some good competition, however merlin needs to take a huge step with theming because past paramount parks (Kings dominion) Have volcano the blast coaster with good effects and a huge volcano. Kings island had the crypt and the theme on that was beyond disney and univercal. So i think they will add a dark ride in dark forest probably make a path down after 13's entrance. I know Alton will have something up there sleeve and will have a amazing next few years and stay the best UK Theme park, So im not worried. (2018+)But i dont see a 4D B&M, it wouldn't fit the park at all, If they go to B&M it will be a wing coaster and will probably just be a good ride like the swarm. However i dont think they will get a wing coaster because there next ride needs to be a massive gimmick to cram newspapers and radios to stop the paramount park getting 100% publicity and attention. Thorpe Park: (2016-2018)Thorpe has started with a popular TV show maze, I also think they will add a rollercoaster in the park soon (Would love a flying coaster over the lake) But 70% of me says they wont. Merlin will invest into the UK parks for the next few years and they have supplied there 2 main themeparks outside the UK with a B&M. I think Thorpe will add somthing big the year before paramount park opens on time however i think they might make a massive publisity stunt by making it look late (like the smiler but a fake version) to hit headlines when the paramount park is announcing opening dates. I think this ride will be heavily teased by the park for a long time and in the areas I think space 1 could be a RMC record breaking woodie or a B&M hyper coaster with a inversion. Space 2+2* would be the flying coaster over the lake what i doubt wont happen space 3 would be the dive coaster, With a 215+ drop into a batwing/cobra roll into a splashdown to a double airtime hill and a helix then a good heartline roll to breaks indoor with some theming with a popular brand (I think the saw theme worked well for a while and is still talked about so i can see them going for a horror theme.) Chessington: (2017-2018) I think they will add a children area like alton towers did, Not sure what theme they are going for but id like to see a theme for both boys and girls, This should open the same year as the opening year for the new paramount park and could be expanded the year after. Legoland: (2016-2018)Minecraft themed land would be amazing, and minecraft lego is getting very popular, 4D Cinema about fighting the ender dragon would be cool using the soaring system, however i think this could be out of budget so i think it might be a normal 4D cinema. If you have any different ideas please share them, I am looking forward to reading them, I dont think any or many of them will happen but they are what i would do if i had the leading UK entertainment group and a new brand was threatening the role the group.
  6. will prob not happen but imagen a woodie through and around the zoo, theres some pretty nice formed terrain aswell for some serious airtime, but im not complaining at all if they get a wood coaster, not many other uk parks are getting them and the only other uk park that is getting one looks pretty bad, forceless and a small version of mean streak. Low to the ground airtime hills and i think alot of people will be happy
  7. kumali is pretty smooth tbh, not quite b&m smooth, but far smoother than coasters like the smiler, saw, rita, speed and rage, its like b&m's with rattle in back row, still enjoyable though
  8. So, i had a 3 day weekend away the other day, some of these photos are mine, and some are other peoples, but up to date. when i go to theme parks i only take photos when i have done everything i want to, or in a long line, however throughput at flamingo land is actully pretty good, the lines go down pretty fast! First up, this fun el loco, line was around 25 mins, 2 train service, wish it had 3 running, but it was ok as the day wasnt packed. Its better than it looks! This has got to be the best themed kids area, the ship is real wood, not cheep low quality theming, and theres loads of water places, this is VERY popular in the summer! Great Fun! [Not my photo] Well, my best ride at the park, this fabbri top swing, the airtime is the best in this, you need to ride it ASAP. And then these, people say there painful? Nah, just dont have your bar to tight, these never have a line, and i rode them 15 times in a row, decant duration, around 2 mins, went fully over about 10 times, and done plenty high swings, and even a 3 sec. hang time at the top Still no line, more re-rides!! got to be 1 of the best looking pirate ship rides, wow! The old rock-n-tug ride is moved now, close to hero, were the dodgems used to be, or if you want, the old evolution! this or the last photo isnt mine, they were both running when i went. cliff hanger is amazing, best s&s tower in europe, pretty force-full to this area was getting more busy now :s who ever said Valhalla was wettest ride in Europe never rode this thing! good theming to! hero is smoother than the other volair coasters, just sit on the inside and its pretty enjoyable!! but it broke down, so they tested it for a while so we waited 10 mins for velocity, best coaster there! great launch coaster, best in uk! yes, its a vekoma. its getting a little rattly, but not as bad as rita, and it dosnt bang your head kumali time, also has the best roller coaster entrance ive seen! Why is this park so under-rated? after kumali, we walked over to this, it was a hot day after all vekoma did a good job And this entrance is the best ive seen overall, so beautifully themed, and looks amazing, great theming, id be happy with this in disney or universal parks! this is a fun little ride and more great theming, these even make noise and move, more disney stuff, well impressed with flamingo land here! wet. This starflyer is the best themed, by far, its part of dino stone park, called pterodactyl, and it makes you feel even more safe than a funtime starflyer as the restraint locks! well it hit 5:45, rides were closing.. i asked the woman running cliff hanger about the hold at the top "combo element", she said the piece has been sent to america to the s&s work shop to be fixed, and they will be adding it all back to it by next season, she was 1 of the high up staff as she had the diffrent jumper and shirt, and she was very kind, last ride on cliff hanger, she shot us up 3 times!
  9. I was looking for a discution thread for flamingo land, so i can post photos of my visit this weekend, however i carnt find it, can you make 1 or find 1? Thanks
  10. Latley when i have visited my home parks (flamingo land and light water valley) i have seen filming around the ultimate (LWV) and Velocity and Kumali at flamingo land, maybe that could be on ICWs, I doubt it, as i diddnt see a travel channel van or a van with ICW on it, i heard about nemesis, smiler, saw and the swarm on it, It would be nice to see liesburg rides on, and maybe do a invert round with banshee, nemesis, raptor and Pyrenees would be cool
  11. Hi, Dose anyone know when the next season of Insane coaster wars is back on TV? And if they know what coasters will be on it? Thanks if you do
  12. Ive seen loads of comments about b&m building "Bad" rides lately? The newer coasters may lack force, but isnt it the park that make the layout? So is it really B&M's fault? Ive never came of a B&M coaster disappointed.. Some may be very short but there still great, the seats are confutable and the restraints arnt to tight like most modern rides... And there generally great confutable experiences. Ive ridded intamin rides like rita, 13 and kingda ka for example, and ive came of like the ride misses somthing. 13 May be a family coaster, but even for a family coaster it misses somthing. rita has a bad layout and coasters like kingda ka, TTD, Stealth And X-Cellerator all lack somthing, And if we go to another company, Like Vekoma, They are always bashed as being rough, to many clones ECT, I have only came off few vekomas disappointed, Mainly SLC's with the Big bars, But the SLC at moreys pier is great fun, its smooth with the restraints.. Kumali and velocity (Flamingo land, my home park) are smooth, yes velocity is getting shaky, but still a great ride!...Now lets talk about Zamperla, Mainly there volair coasters, Hero (Flamingo land again) is decant, its my only Zamperla flyer ive rode, but its great fun to be honest, never seen anyone come of it with out a smile. It has a rattel in it but it great if you ride the ride (If you know what i mean) By putting your body the way of the turns, and even if you dont, it isnt a rough ride, and dosnt deserve the worst coaster, id say that coasters like Big one (PBBP) and that painfull corkscrew at park astrix is far worse (Big one cos no airtime and is pretty rough.
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