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Skyplex Orlando Discussion Thread

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It is about the competition, they're just saying it isn't


If they vote no, then something is seriously wrong. This closing speech by the developer is tearing Universal's propaganda to shreds, and all but 5-or-so of the speakers were in favour with much better arguments too.

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Very excited, although granting permission is only half the battle. Driving past Xanadu in Nj for over a decade is proof of that (albeit it's a different field of investment), along with other amusement-related products that either never got off the ground, stopped mid-construction, stayed idle for years or flopped hard. That's not to be a debbie-downer, but HUGE investments like this come with many obstacles. Hopefully they fulfill their vision because this is a VERY cool-looking project.

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My favorite part of this project so far is the model in the fountain out front. At least, favorite next to the actual coaster itself.


So wait a second. It's breaking the 500ft threshold. Any idea what this new category is gonna be called?

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Can we start construction tomorrow? I'll give them my annual pass money today if it helps. So proud of the wave of support the community gave to this obvious win of a project.


Hell, I'd give them the cost of my cross-country airfare if it meant getting this thing built ASAP!

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