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NEWS: LakePoint to Build First Polercoaster

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That looks terrifying! 325 feet??? As a coaster enthusiast with a bad fear of heights, this thing would scare the heck out of me! This is something out of my nightmares! And I must ride it!


I'd like to see it creep 2/3-ish down the tower through inversions and then just let it fly through the rest, pulling plenty of good forces.


Definitely following this one, it should be interesting.

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Wow. As an engineering student, this project is extremely intriguing. As a roller coaster enthusiast, like most of you, I am more than a little surprised that someone actually is planning to construct a model. I remember when I first saw the design, I had filed it under the "A very interesting concept that will unfortunately never see the light of day" category.


As with all other large ride installations (especially at locations that aren't explicitly theme parks), I'll have my reservations until they actually start prepping for construction. Many ambitious projects have faltered before this one, even when construction steps are being taken.


Here's hoping it comes to fruition though. It certainly would be unique.


Edit: Well, it looks like steps are being taken to move more towards a full-fledged resort. That makes me that much more hopeful that it sounds like there is a cohesive plan.

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Well, this indeed a "horse of a different color", as the old saying goes. At least it isn't a clone and more of the same-ol same-ol stuff that's way too common that people complain about all the time. That said, it looks to me (based on the artwork) that such a coaster would have to have a lot of trims and brakes based upon the relatively tight curves and elements in order to prevent the speeds from getting too high, rather like many wild mice have lots of trims due to tight turn radii. Either that, or it would have to be built in such a way as to never allow the high speeds that would result from a simple 300+ ft drop. Also, the two track colors to me suggest that perhaps it could end up being a twin-track coaster. But, such a tower design could also allow a nice long drop after a couple of inversions and hills.

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Wow. And I thought Lagoon's in-house roller coaster was innovative: this seems to be like no other experience I have ever seen, heard, or eaten.


It also looks pretty scary, too, even if I'm a guy that's not especially afraid of heights so long as I'm strapped in well.

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While I am excited to see this, I can't see this project getting off the ground. The numbers they are forecasting are huge and the space they are building at lacks things like freeway access. I drove through Emerson on a regular basis and I know where the proposed site is. They're going to have to bulldoze part of the town to get access from 75, and US 41 is just as bad. (They take the same route.) Perhaps up the freeway, on the massive plot of land Busch owned to build a third park... that might have worked, but where they're building it? I just don't see it.

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