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  1. I totally agree with you, Robb. I'd rather see an amazing roller coaster layout from a proven designer than a gimmick or a record breaker any day. Add a killer layout with the amazing terrain of this park and I KNOW we'll have a winner. Scandinavia 2016!
  2. I've been noticing Six Flags has been going in the "Thrill Park" direction with a lot of their new additions. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw another thrill ride (IE SkyScreamer) in the near future.
  3. I was at the park yesterday for a construction tour. Top hat progress is moving along nicely! Here's my construction video: GOLIATH CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: FEBRUARY 3, 2014
  4. I'm getting more pumped day by day seeing the structure go up. I'm still in shock and awe that my home park is getting an RMC. Let the good times roll!
  5. I also saw this as sort of a pipe dream coaster. Thrilled to see multiple being built, especially with the intention of having an intense layout! Can't wait!
  6. They changed the voting process on the contest. The contest winner is now being chosen by park management and a panel of brand experts... thoughts?
  7. Not sure if you guys saw the contest SFGAm is hosting on their Facebook, but they are looking for a "Goliath Insider" to update their YouTube channel all winter long. Here is my video entry, thank you for your support! Vote for SCOTT SCHAFFER as your Goliath Insider!
  8. My thoughts exactly! I wanna see RMC try out some different colors. This ride looks absolutely incredible. This done to The Boss would be insane. :Fingers crossed:
  9. One thing I love about RMC rides is that you'll find airtime in the most unsuspecting places. I think there will be surprises.
  10. I'm assuming the drop is going to be 180 feet, given "180" is the next clue given on SFGAm's Twitter.
  11. I'll be going to the meeting for sure. Most likely going to go to the park beforehand and grab a beer after the meeting.
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