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NEW TPR Video Every Day in April!

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Today's TPR Daily April Video - One of the best Schwarzkopf roller coasters ever made! The Mindbender at Edmonton Mall!


(Yes, multiple comments DO count for more than one - but don't be stupid and post like 20 times in a row and keep your posts ON TOPIC with the videos!)

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Wow, the speed that it takes the loops is insane! It's no surprise why that's by far the highest ranked Schwarzkopf coaster.


Also, the sound it makes during the off ride shots sounds like a jet!

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Having three lead cars back to back looks really weird.


But the ride still looks really intense. Both Mindbender coasters are pretty high on my must-ride bucket list. If WEM can have backwards cars on their fairly intense coaster and still run well, maybe the Batman rides really won't be all that uncomfortable facing backwards either.

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^^Wow, that must have been REALLY intense! You sort of get an idea of how intense it is when it pulls through the loops but I guess that only riding it will give you a real deal.


PS. the trains look kind of funky

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This is the online 'onride photo' we got to send back to ourselves

back in 2001, when we visited the Mall....


(We're in back there, David and I, heh.)


The photo does say more than words can describe...

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Awww, only one more day left in April

I wonder if anyone can guess what video I chose for the very last April video?



Ooooo. .I hope it's your Backyard "snow-coaster!"

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