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  1. Not yolo coaster!!! I do mean full speed / throttle
  2. Karacho means more or less the same as Full Throttle ( not the coaster, though )
  3. Awesome update Hanno! Was there yesterday, saw you at the station of Karacho By the way, you caught me on some of your photos The white shirt with the dark blue stripes
  4. ^^ of course but i can't compare never been on a death trap one
  5. Though I've never ridden Goudurix , I can see that it's rough. I've only ridden one Vekoma yet and it was shaky. Shaky but not bad! Even if a coaster is bumpy it can be fun or am I wrong? I don't give much on the shakiness of a ride. I just want to have fun ( I know with a headache it's difficult to have fun but well..)
  6. What the ....!!!? This coaster seems to shake you around like an earthquake! Bumpy ride...I guess head banging is included in the ride isn't it?
  7. That looks intense!!! very much intense! And I do agree with the statement, that the coaster sounds like a jet!
  8. Wow! 'The funky little family coaster' looks nice. At first I thought that it was one of these 'I have a one mile long train' coasters but it wasn't. Pretty fast, twisty and quite long = awesome ride!
  9. The solar powered coaster looks cool to me! Although it was quite unusual to see the lift at the end of the ride and not at the start To sum it up: Cool roller coaster with a pretty big amount of speed
  10. Ouch, ouuuch, ouuuuuuch!!!! they should rather call Hercules Earthquake...it seems like the whole ride is the most painful coaster in the world...except Chinese ones...
  11. Led Zeppelin looks insane! Very well themed ride! Isn't Hardrock Park closed now? Hurricane must be awesome! A bit rough maybe but it seems to be fun anyway the coaster will be torn down this year right?
  12. To me it looks like one of the better SLC's. But I have to admit that the bonus helix is...a bit too much Vekoma! And the name fits the ride very well I think...a tornado will shake and hurt you just like the coaster does, doesn't it?
  13. Wow...awesome Intamin hotness! Mega Lite forever!! I would love to get a chance to ride one of these. Sadly this one is too far away
  14. And for Tranan...why hasn't a random little German park gotten this ride? It seems to be awesome! A coaster for the whole family (even my mom could ride it ) S&S needs to build more of them!!
  15. Victor Vandorm...seems like when the end of the train leaves the station, the crazy caterpillar head is already back in the station! But quite fun ride I guess!
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