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  1. If you arrive before opening, you can easily ride everything within 5 hours even if the park is slammed, as long as the operations are good and things aren't closed in the morning. Georgia Scorcher and Georgia Cyclone often open a half hour early so you can possibly ride those before the park officially opens. I would then get in the crowd waiting for the rest of the park to open in the direction of Goliath. When they open, go STRAIGHT TO Dare Devil Dive. That line pushes 2 hours on not-so-busy days so on a Saturday that's the only way you will ride it. After that go to Goliath if the line is just within the station still. If it is longer you can come back to it later. I would then hit Batman followed by Mindbender. After that go to the back of the park which will likely still be pretty dead and ride Superman first, then Great American Scream Machine, then Ninja. Jump on Sky Screamer too if it interests you. I would also recommend the mine train and even the kiddie coaster if you have time and the lines aren't bad. Other than that Acrophobia and Monster Mansion are the only must rides. Both get a pretty long line. Thunder River is one of the best looking and most exciting rapids rides are well (I've never seen a more realistic rapids ride. You'd think it's a real river) but you might not have time to even consider that. I have done all of these within 3-4 hours before on a few Saturdays, so it is much more realistic than it sounds. Thanks. I found this from July 02. Regarding the Flash Pass, do you have a recommendation?
  2. Does anyone know what the operating status is of White Water Safari? The last 4 times I have gone to the park, it has been closed for Maintenance. Am I just picking the wrong days, or has this ride been closed for a while now? Thanks in Advance.
  3. I will be visiting SFOG for the first time ever on Saturday. Any advice for a first time visitor?
  4. Looking forward to tonight's lineup. Glad you on the East Coast liked it. I will be watching in less than an hour.
  5. I am planning on hitting up these park in August. Now, thanks to your photo report, I know what not to miss. Thank You for this.
  6. I will be going to this park on the Midwest Tour. I am looking forward to the flat rides, and a smooth ride on the Boomerang.
  7. Thanks for the information. Here's to hoping that they also add full color wall graphics and/or artwork?
  8. ^Six Flags over Texas just opened the worlds largest giant swing. It's exciting to see YOLO testing. Opening day is getting closer.
  9. Has anyone here been on Insano? Maybe a few more feet will make it exponentially better?
  10. I spy some familiar, as well as a very familiar face in that video as well. Hard to believe that ride was all the way back in April.
  11. So, if Media Day is tomorrow, I wonder if the "First Rider" Auction is tomorrow as well.
  12. ^Well played indeed. A Bay Area Bash next year has me interested.
  13. Bring on the construction. Cannot wait to ride my first El Loco.
  14. When a city grows up around a theme park, why does the theme park then have to bow down to the city?
  15. I was always afraid that I would fly out of the basket when it fell to the ground. One time, after the ride was over, the operator asked us if we wanted to go again. I screamed, "No," yet up we went anyways.
  16. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures. The last time I was here, I focused mainly on the thrill rides, and missed most of the atmosphere.
  17. Would it solve this entire fiasco if Great America simply built a 20' tall cmu block wall along the property line between Gold Striker and the Prudential Building, much like Caltrans does when their freeway cuts through a neighborhood? Great America could put landscape in front of the wall to further soften the noise, and eliminate all of these tunnel and sound walls that they keep having to install.
  18. Insane. My next ride on this thing will be completely different than the last.
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