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I'm a bit late to the party but may as well post anyway...all I had to do was vision my first experience on Revolution (SFMM, insane amount of headbanging on my ride) and watch this POV. You know it's rough when even a TPR-filmed POV picks up the shakiness...due to the shuffling of the train. So yea, all I have to say is this:


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It's one thing to say a coaster is "dull", it's another to say Goudurix is a better ride!


I agree with this. (For example, CGA's Grizzly is "dull," while Movie Park's Bandit is a new experience in "bad.") I do think SFOG's Ninja comes the closest to Goudurix "badness" in the U.S.

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It's one thing to say a coaster is "dull", it's another to say Goudurix is a better ride!


Maybe that one was a bit OTT (I'd need to ride both again to be sure), but I'd still stand by my comment that Goudurix is better than Furius baco, kanonen, infusion (and some of the other SLCs - I think it was SFA's mind eraser which was particularly bad) and Space mountain 2

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^What is the issue with Furius Baco? I mean I have read it is shaky and vibrates but is that true/all?

I had no issue with Furius Baco. Thought it was a GREAT intense ride. Yeah, in the back rows, or the outside seats, it can bang you around. But it's a lot like X2 in that respect. But here's the thing - the ride is AWESOME. And I'm willing to take a bit of pain for an AWESOME ride. I'm not willing to take ANY pain for a crappy ride.

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Though I've never ridden Goudurix , I can see that it's rough. I've only ridden one Vekoma yet and it was shaky. Shaky but not bad! Even if a coaster is bumpy it can be fun or am I wrong? I don't give much on the shakiness of a ride. I just want to have fun ( I know with a headache it's difficult to have fun but well..)

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Thats was my observation...I think it looks awesome! Another case of people not being to handle Intamin intenseness i guess


Oh, I can handle plenty of intenseness! I thought baco had a great launch, but that was where the positives ended. The restraints are a lot tighter than the other intamin OTSRs (which I never really have a problem with), and the ride just vibrates horribly throughout


I just wonder what goudurix would have been like if it was built by B&M

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Here are the Bag-O-Crap winners! To claim your Bag-O-Crap send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with "April Crap" in the title. Be sure to include your contact info like your mailing address!




























Geauga Dog



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Dang... I didn't WIN!! So, what else IS new?? Thanks for the Contest Robb and all the great videos you shared with us. I hope you'll do this type of Contest again when you finish up with all the summer TPR Trips. Take Care! Stay Safe!! Have Fun!!!

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^^This is such an extremely busy time with a ton of media events and filming, and it's also the start of their big trips. It can take a little while to get everything caught up, so just be a little more patient and I'm sure you'll get it eventually.

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Robb, did you send out the bag of craps yet? I still never got mine.

First off, I did send out all the Bags of Crap from the April contest, but you didn't email me until three weeks after that contest ended! (You even said in your email - sorry this is late)


Considering that I only got your email a couple of weeks ago, HAVE SOME PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!


Remember that we do the Bag-O-Crap contests completely FOR FREE and the shipping comes out of my own pocket.


If you sent me the email late, chances are your Bag-O-Crap is going to be late.


Make sense?

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