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That sort of brake holding before the "drop" is a bit weird specially at 1:35. That didn't happen with the one in china. Really is a screwed/messed/f#%$@d up ride and I'm quite glad it wasn't me who rode it.

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Great videos, especially Wodan. And you can't say S&S doesn't try some crazy ish, even when it kind of hurts.


I'm a bit behind, but I think I like your traditional camera better, Robb. Although, I do like the higher perspective that really gives you a sense of what is around the track. I especially like the ascent into the Cobra Roll and dive into the trench on Kraken with that new camera, that gives you the true headchopper effect.

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I'd love to hear the comparison of these to the El Locos, which seem like a much better interpretation of the concept. I feel like S&S definitely learned a lot from the Screamin Squirrel.


I'd definitely want to pop an advil or two before riding Sequoia Adventure.

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Another reason to go back to Europa.


Flying Squirrel.

I mean, really? As a thrill coaster?

Bo - ring.


EDIT to add: ^^^^ As for comparison to El Locos?

I repeat... FS is bo - ring. There is NO comparison.

El Locos (I rode Mumbo Jumbo) are far more

fun fast thrilling than the ho-humness of this thing.

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Sequoia Adventure looks pretty painful the way it sorta drags you hanging upside down into the next element. Probably not a coaster I'd make a priority to ride.


Now Wodan on the other hand, that looks fantastic. That would definitely be a coaster I'd make a priority to ride.

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