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  1. Anyways, I'm currently driving away from Pigoen Forge, Tennessee after an absolutely AMAZING visit to Dollywood. As we can tell lightning rod was closed and obviously it was dissapointing, but that didn't stop me from having one of the most amazing park experiences In my life so far! Every coaster is top notch and very reridable. Thunderhead has to be one of the best roller coasters I've ever ridden let alone one of the best wooden coasters. It's just hands up fun the entire ride and we much as I love crazy ejector air, the fun pops of air on every hill are very fun, I could ride thunderhead for hours and not get tired of it. All of the other coasters were amazing as well my second favorite being Wild Eagle. I even got my mom to ride and like Mystery Mine and she hates eurofighters! Not to mention the food was wonderful, and the cinnamon bread was just as good as everyone said it was. Also the overall friendliness and hospitality of Dollywood just made everything so much better! All in all I had an absolutely amazing time and I'd like to thank Dollywood for such a great time. Can't wait to come back and finally ride lightning rod in the future! Thank you Dollywood!
  2. Just got back from my first visit to Six Flags St. Louis and I have to say I really enjoyed it! It probably helped that park was completely dead. The water park had some pretty good rides, and even though they do not have a huge steel coaster the wooden coasters make up for it. The coaster lineup was very solid, my favorites being American Thunder, which was so amazing front seat, I loved it. I also loved The Boss, I know this ride has a bad rep but there was something about that overall out of control feeling was just fantastic. The Screaming Eagle was great as well, you can't beat a classic. Overall a wonderful day at Six Flags St. Louis hope to be back soon!
  3. Had a really great day today! I got to ride a lot of rides a lot of times, and i got to meet Robb, which was awesome. I have to say riding the Iron Rattler was the best experience on a roller coaster ever, I couldn't believe that drop! Thanks to Jamie, Tracie and all of the great crew that put this day together, and I can't wait till Sunday to come and ride the Iron Rattler again!
  4. I've probably said this too many times on this thread but I'm going on Thursday! I'll see then
  5. I couldn't make it tomorrow because of school testing, but i will be there on the 16th
  6. I also go an Email! I'm going on the 8th. I'll see you guys there!
  7. How the f*** did he manage that?!?! I don't even... He was pretty tall guy, he barely fit in the car anyways. There had to be like 4 to 6 of space between him and the lap bar.
  8. A couple weeks back i was on Pandemonium at SFFT and something happened, we were stopped on the end course breaks and we kept spinning. These two guys I was on with started freaking out because it wouldn't stop spinning and kept yelling at the ride ops to make it stop. Eventually one guy couldn't take it and pushed himself out of the car even thought the operators kept telling him not to, I'm pretty sure he got escorted out of the park. I kept wanting to tell them that they couldn't stop it from spinning, I guess that's the GP for you.
  9. I love how even with the test dummies, they still look like they are being pushed out of their seat. I'm so excited for this ride!
  10. this looks awesome i love the double up double down part. it looks amazing. i wish i lived in flordia
  11. you know regardless of if its similar to behemoth or not it still looks amazing in the sense that its bandm's first giga coaster. if my park had two tall bandm's i would be happy, its just a matter of opinion i guess. i think it looks awesome and i would love to ride it.
  12. last coaster i rode is superman krypton coaster at six flags fiesta texas and it was today http://cache.rcdb.com/h3v6g3em09eg004ch5f62s.jpg
  13. i think the invention of the eurofighter is one of the best things to happen because those coasters are awesome
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