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What will be the FIRST coaster you ride in 2013?

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Diamondback @King's Island. At about 9:05 Am on April 27th.



I should be getting off it by then, so I will see you at the exit as you come up. It will be my daughter's first ride as 54". then we will hit all the 54" rides for her after that.

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I ended riding the Togo Machine of Death at New York, New York in Las Vegas on Jan 14 on a chilly 35 degree morning. Interesting first ride of the year. I was too numb from the cold to feel the pain the ride was delivering.

Were you on the first train of the day? Thats the exact same time I was there riding...I did 5 runs right when they opened it then came back and got 5 more when it was getting dark. And yeah it was COLD...felt really good each time the train went back inside the casino where it was toasty warm.


I actually didn't think it was too rough..the new trains (with different restraints) make a big difference. It's not a smooth ride by anyone's definition, but it's definitely not in the "trying to kill you" category anymore like Kong is most of the time.

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I will start with The Python or Vogel Rok in the Efteling. Not my first choice because I was hopping on a new ride to start of with, not one I've ridden 100 times in the past 5 years.

Let's bring this back. It's almost a month ago that I stated this, but it's more and more likely that I will start with a new Credit. Which one it will be depends on which park park I visit first, This could be:

1. Walibi Belgium: Then it would be Turbine.

2. Toverland: Then it will be Booster Bike.

This will better the start of this good year, actually.

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Well since I kinda hate Six Flags and usually dont go till near seasons end, Hershey will probably be the first park. So my money's on Skyrush.

Which would be crazy since it'd be my opening coaster 2 straight years!

Though if I could find a group that won't wuss out after more than one day I'll make the trek to Cedar Point and Gatekeeper

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It will almost certainly be something at Knott's Berry Farm since I'll be going next week to get my 2013 pass processed. Knowing my usual habits, it will most likely end up being Sierra Sidewinder.


My prediction ended up being correct. It was Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm around 12:30 P.M. on Thursday, Jaunary 17th.

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It was Rock n Roller coaster at DHS,I rode it Monday after running the Disney marathon on Sunday.Given that my legs felt like hell Monday consisted of checking out of the All Stars,visiting that Disney pawn shop in Winter Garden,going to DHS and riding RnRC and ToT and heading to American Idol and seeing the final three shows since at least I could sit for a while.

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