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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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And this had one of the oddest layouts, I had ever been on.


Out-and-back....I guess.

With mountains! And Santa!

And the HIDDEN waterfall!


Even at full speed..... kinda slow, wasn't it?

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So, for those of you who were on the trip, where would you rate it? Top 10, 20...?

I felt it was one of the better GCI's, but not sure it would break into my top ten...maybe the top 20. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I just prefer some strong ejector airtime on my woodies. For the Chinese woodies, Fireball was my favourite... but really, they were ALL very, very good!

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Let me guess, the stall was the best part of the ride! Still better theming then Six Flags.

Yes it was, and yes it is! lol


It's honestly kind of sad how some awful, crappy, totally forgotten about Chinese coaster in the middle of a dumpy park actually has better theming than 90% of all the Six Flags rides out there! TRUE!!!!

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Haha, What a cool video. I remember everyone thinking, oh here we go again, yet another knock off coaster so when we got on and started up the lift hill we were all pretty amazed that it actually had theming and it actually wasn't that bad for this type of coaster. That building was pretty big as well. It was quite a shock. The ride gets off to a nice bit of speed and then suddenly it all disappears and comes to that halt. Was really funny.

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^And this one wasn't even a little kiddie coaster. Yet those tiny Chinese "Fruit Worm" coasters were able to handle the group just fine. Go figure.

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