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Major League Baseball Thread


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Wow! It's Done!!!


Way to go WhiteSox! You Swept the Astros!


I personally thought that the Astros would win a couple of games in their Home Park! But I guess not! (That Sucks for the Home Crowd!) :shock:


Anyhow, the Whitesox have their World Series Victory! They Earned It!


Though many Cubs Fans will Probably Say, "Yeah Whatever!" The Cubs are Still Chicago's Favorite Team!

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I watched Game 3 from the 7th inning all the way through to the 14th when the White Sox finally decided to quit trying to give the game away (at least 9 walks) and won it. I really got the feeling that Houston mentally gave up by the end of the 10th (they had left 7 on base just between the 8th and 10th innings). I think that that mental surrender carried over into tonight decisive game 4.


I've never been a White Sox fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due. They outfielded, outpitched and outhit the Astros from beginning to end and deserve to be the 2005 World Series Champions.

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Baseball Season has Already Started up AGAIN!

The Giants are 6 and 2

We are on Fire so far!




I'm not a Giants fan (antithesis--Dodgers fan for life) but I did read an article about Tim Lincecum, that 5' 10" fireballer, and I must say, if that good is the future of the Giants pitching staff, then the Dodgers have another thing coming once Barroids gets the hell outta Dodge.


Dodgers got routed by the Cards today... The routed the Marlins, for those who care.

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^^OK craryrider06 your not of legal drinking age yet, so put the bottle down! Don't you know that Nice Girls from Connecticut don't cheer for the Yankees?


Being born in RI myself, and growing up in Massachusetts, it's Redsox all the way! Go Matsuzaka! The Future Yankee Killer!


This is going to be a great season to watch for Redsox's and Yankee fans!

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