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Major League Baseball Thread


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Well the RedSox Season is Over!


I'm sure Pedro Martinez is Laughing his Ass Off! (He had another Great Year, Theo!!!)


It was a Hugh Mistake not to Resign Pedro, Especially when they knew Curt Schilling was injured, and wouldn't be up to Form in 2005.


The RedSox still managed to win a lot of games, but that doesn't matter anymore.


Next season will be interesting, Without Manny Ramirez, Damon, Millar (All who will be Traded or not Resigned), and possibly the Exit of Theo Epstein, Etc...


Who Knows? The Owners will still Profit from another 82 Sold-Out Home Games! The Fans will show up regardless of who's on the Team.


I can only hope that next years team will be up to the challenge to compete with the rest of the league!


The RedSox have a Hugh Budget!!! I hope they Spend Wisely!!!


I hope they Keep Manny! Otherwise, Ortiz becomes the next Barry Bonds! (Who gets walked all the time!) That Sucks!!!


The RedSox will need some major changes in 2006! I hope they chose wisely! GO REDSOX!!!

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Common Angeles!


Here it is! Game 5! Against the Yankees!


I feel confident that the Angeles will be victorious over the Yankees in game 5 of the playoffs! They are evenly matched against the Yankees (Probably best of all the playoff series)


Send those Yankees and their 200 million+ payroll back home to New York!


I Hope the Angeles will face Houston in the World Series. It would be a Great Match!

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Great Job Angeles!


The Fallout from the Yankees Defeat will be a Site to See! The Boss Steinbrenner has every reason to be Pissed!!! His Yankees didn't even manage to make it out of the first round of the playoffs!


Possible Results >Cashman....Gone! Though I am a RedSox fan, I am aware that if RedSoxs can't agree on a new contract with Theo Epstein, that there is a good chance they will be considering Cashman to be the next RedSox GM.


The Angeles Series against the WhiteSox should be a Great One!


I hope the Angeles Advance to the World Series!


Bring on Houston Vs the Angeles!

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Oh No!!! The Angeles are down 3 to 1 vs. Chicago! You can't have a Batting average of .177! and Expect to Advance in the Playoffs!!!


It will take a Miracle to come back from that Deficit!


At least Houston is still leading their series!!!


Common Angeles! Win the next three games!!! You can than face Houston for the Title!!! Go Angeles!!!

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I dont know about my Cardinals they're really looking bad.

They sure are. I haven't seen a choke job this bad since... Well, last years World Series! Edmonds is the key to the Astros winning though. He's had a ton of RBI chances to put the Cards up and he's blown it every time.

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Oh No.......The Angeles are Swept at Home for the Second Year in a Row!!! Ouch!!!


The WhiteSox Played a Great Series! With Four Complete Games! Dam!!! That's a Well Rested Bullpen!


Here comes the World Series! The WhiteSox Vs. most likely Houston!


Go Houston!!!

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The World Series is Set!


Sadly for the White Sox, their Long Streak Without a World Series Title will Continue Past this Season.


This is Houstons Year to Win it All!


After Houston Wins, I Imagine that Roger Clemens will Finally Retire for Good.


Go Houston! Roger Clemens will be the Difference!

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