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Major League Baseball Thread


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If Lowell goes I hope Boston picks up A-Rod. You know they can afford him!

Um, no thanks. He might be a Miami Hurricane at heart, but that's where I draw the line. Yes, his regular season stats are hard to argue, blah blah blah, but his name alone brings more attention than any team ever needs.


Oh yeah, and A-Rod's $250 Million hasn't even come close to buying what Mike Lowell already has......two rings.



And one more thing, does anyone know if Johnny Damon enjoyed the view this time around from his couch?


That about sums up my thoughts in a nut shell. Well all but one.

Rocket should have got a better cell phone so he could hear his wife say no.

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Go Cub......ss.....I can't even say it without laughing. Be nice for them to go all the way, but probably won't happen.


I have my doubts to, but a lot of the sports announcers all are saying the Cubs are going to be good this year.


Bite your tongues!

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Our season seats for Orioles games are on the third base side, on the club level. Been sitting in the same spot for the last five seasons, and we really like the view from there. It would be nice to occasionally see a winning team, of course, but this is not something you can hope for a lot when watching the O's...



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The Red Sox game was pretty pathetic today. Buchholz looked pretty bad. If Beckett isn't playing well we might have a problem with pitching. I laugh that Detroit is doing really bad right now, even though they were picked by many to be one of the best teams in the league.


I'm pretty sure that you can't judge a team by the first week of the season. Now, if Detroit is still struggling in mid-June, then you could laugh about it.


However, I'm a little nervous that I may have made a bad choice taking Clay Bucholz with my 12 round pick in fantasy baseball this year.


By the way, let's go Mets.

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