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Major League Baseball Thread


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Well I'm from the New England area, so I hope the Red Sox win their division! (It's been a real looooong time)


The Yankees have won the division more times then I can count, but with the help of David Ortiz, the Redsox might just pull it out this year.


If the Yankees don't make it as a wild card, that would be even better!


But, many teams are still in contention, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out!


Bring on the post season!!!! GO REDSOX!!!!

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Amazing win by the Giants tonight. Were down 2-1 with 2 out in the 9th and Moises Alou hit a 3 run home run after Barry Bonds was walked. Then Armando Benitez walked the bases loaded and with 2 outs, Todd Linden breaks in on a ball that is at the warning track, runs back and makes a diving catch to win the game. Unbelieveable.

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Well the Redsox and Yankees are all tied up as of Saturday Sept 24th.


The Redsox should still have the advantage since their remaining games are at home, and the Yankees are on the road.


The Redsox have plently of offense, but are lacking in pitching. Whereas the Yankees have a good mix of both.


It will be interesting to see how the final games play out. Go Redsox!!!

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Hey, I had a thread like this but I guess it died after the site went down a while ago. Oh well. The Yanks have been doing all they can to make the play-offs and I really hope they do. The Yankee game today was great! I just can't wait for the Yanks-Sox regular season-ending series.

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^So Mr. Yankee, were you Born in New York or perhaps your Parents were, so you've been brought up to like the Yankees? Or, have you been a Yankee Fan because you just like the team?


I was born in Rhode Island myself, so my Redsox roots have been in place since I was Born! I've always rooted for the Redsox, and their game 7 win over the Yankees last year was Incredible!!!


I won't knock the Yankees, they have some incredible players, like Future-Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter, and I would love to have the Redsox face the Yankees again in the ALCS!


In the End Though, I see the RedSox Defeating the Yankees in the ALCS, as they move on to Defend their World Series Title!!! Go RedSox!!!

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What I read today:


"It's depressing around here,'' said Florida pitcher A.J. Burnett, who allowed

five runs Sunday and indicated he will not re-sign with the team after the

season. "There's nothing positive around here. There's nothing positive on the staff now.''


Screw you AJ, your mediocre season is part of the reason we fell short at the end. A 6.40 ERA and losing six starts in the past month? Yea, blame it on everyone else


My Marlins are now 1 game from being eliminated

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Unbelieveable game for the Giants. Down 2-1 in the 9th inning against Trevor Hoffman (Trevor Hoffman here people) and the Giants get a hit from Alfonzo, then Winn hits a ball that would have gone out but Giles knocks it down, scoring Alfonzo, Winn to third. Then Vizquel walks and Snow hits one through the infield, scoring Winn. 3-2 then. Bonds gets out, but who cares, we're winning! Benitez gets the last 3 outs and the Giants are one game closer to winning the division. Only 3 games back now.


Unbelievable. Amazing.

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