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Major League Baseball Thread


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Go Jays


I like to think that sweeping Boston makes up for getting swept by the A's. Hopefully we can keep our momentum up against division rivals. We play some awful teams in the next couple weeks, we need some serious victories in that span.


The bats need to come back to life... after a strong start, they were absolutely anemic in the series against the A's, and our usually rock-solid closer blew two games in a row. Ugh Please let this not be a sign of things to come. We certainly have a better pitching staff that the Red Sox and Yankees... now the team has to bring hitting up to that level! 2006 form!

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Boston and New York for the first time this season today tomorrow and Sunday!

I know its going to be on Fox tomorrow and ESPN on Sunday.



Well of course they are. Aren't those the only two teams in the Major Leagues?


ESPN sucks.

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ESPN sucks.


I had to turn them off during the NFL season. Patriots this, Patriots that, it got old. I liked ESPN up until they took Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerold off the Monday Night Mania beat and put him on the "Pursuit of Perfection" beat. Even as a Colts fan, I find Fitzy's videos great. I think ESPN made it that much greater when the Patriots lost in the Superbowl.


Back on topic, GO CUBS. Are they losing yet? Go fuduko whatever his name is.

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I thought the Red Sox did well last night against the Yanks, but the Yanks out played the Red Sox. The Umpire behind the plate made all the calls for the Yankees and not for the Sox which really mad me mad.

Lets just see how the Yankees do against Beckett.



Well Beckett did well! Red Sox are one whole game ahead in the standings so far. No they need to make a bigger gap!

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