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Major League Baseball Thread


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Rockies are good but when you look at it Red Sox are going to win. Red Sox has the SLUGGERS! You cant argue that!


You don't actually follow baseball, do you? Apparently hitting is the only thing that will win the game. However, if you can't argue with SLUGGERS!, then your BoSox are screwed. Not only did the Rockies hit more homers in the regular season than Boston, but Ortiz, Boston's leading HR hitter, was out homered by Matt Holiday of the Rockies. Furthermore, the next three highest HR hitters on the Rockies all out homered the second highest on the BoSox. I'm not saying the BoSox are going to lose. I could really careless honestly 'cause none of my teams are in it. I'm just saying, if you are going to make such bold talk, be able to back up your argument. It's fans like you that give their team's fans a bad rap.


Wes and Joe, I'm starting to wonder if we should start a 'bad experience with bad fans' thread. I have quite a few stories I could tell from run-ins with douchebag fans.

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^^Umm, if you're a Red Sox fan or a Rockies fan or maybe a fan of baseball in general you would care.


As much as I wanted Boston to win in 2004, I really want the Rockies to win. Would have been nice if the Cubs could have made a trip to the World Seires along with the Indians. Oh well, I'm rooting for the underdog.


If the Rockies can pull off the World Series, I'll remain a *little* hopeful that the Devil Rays somehow will make it to the playoffs, at least.


//Yeah, I said Devil Rays and playoffs in the same sentence. Crazy, isn't it?


[EDIT: Damn, Boston is kicking rear end in the bottom of the first. Home Run off the Green Monster and a base hit.]

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Being 2 houses down from him for about a year and being younger than him, he may not remember me but I remember playing baseball with him a couple times that year at the park by our house. He was a nice kid, really good at baseball, I could never strike him out though.

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If Lowell goes I hope Boston picks up A-Rod. You know they can afford him!

Um, no thanks. He might be a Miami Hurricane at heart, but that's where I draw the line. Yes, his regular season stats are hard to argue, blah blah blah, but his name alone brings more attention than any team ever needs.


Oh yeah, and A-Rod's $250 Million hasn't even come close to buying what Mike Lowell already has......two rings.



And one more thing, does anyone know if Johnny Damon enjoyed the view this time around from his couch?

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