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Major League Baseball Thread


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Yankees and Red Sox fans are the worst.


I wear an Indians baseball hat on occasion when my hair gets too out of control. This is not because I follow the Indians, or even like baseball, this is because when I was a kid, my tee-ball team for three years was the Indians. It has special personal significance to me, and I'm not going to stop wearing it.


Ever since this post season has started, I've been accosted by in irate Yankees fan at the store, yelled at on two separate occasions from passing cars, and (best of all), given a short lecture by a Red Sox fan while I was in the hospital last week. Literally, I had an IV line in my arm, and this dude needs to tell me that I'm "wearing the wrong hat".


So, in short, eff you Yankees and Red Sox fans. I hope your teams lose, and continue to suck. I'm just wearing a damn hat, it's just a damn game, get over it. I'm a Lakers fan, but I don't chase down people with Kings apparel and verbally assault them.

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Any sports fan who takes it upon himself (or herself) to lecture a complete stranger on what a good or bad team is, is a person that needs to find a new outlet of entertainment.


I'm an Indians fan (not a huge one, but I've grown up in some ways with them), so I'm a little dissapointed. I do, however love that the Red Sox fans take it upon themselves to bash the Indians when they were almost taken out of the playoffs by a team that has roughly half the payroll they do.

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I love the Rockies story and i've been cheering for them throughout the playoffs. I hate the Yankees so i cheer for the Red Sox whenever they play them. If the Rockies can keep it to 4 or 5 games i think they can win it, but if they take it back to Fenway i think the Red Sox will take it. Oh and the Dodgers stink so there's nothing to talk about there........

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Wes I agree with you, only its about Dodger Fans,



In 1993, my dad took me to my first SF Giants game. Now that was Barry Bonds first game as a Giant and just seeing him play mesmerized me. And ever since that day I have been a Bonds and SF fan. Now a couple months ago I went to the SF-LA series in hope to see Bonds break the record in LA. Now he didn't do that but I sure enjoyed seeing him play against our rivals. But the crap I got pissed me off. I was yelled at, restaurant didn't serve me, and at the game a guy through an empty syringe at me!!! And if anyone has the nerve to do that over baseball, it is sad.



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The Rockies and the Red Sox are completly different types of teams. But Come on Boston has Becket, Schilings, Big Pappy, and Manny!


Schilings? The Red Sox play with British currency now?


You must be quite the fan if you don't even know his last name correctly.

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If the Rockies could keep winning like they have after an 8 day layoff, then I think that they deserve to win it all. But then again, the Rockies could be up 3-0 and then the Sox win four strait... That's Boston for you.


I wonder when Cleveland will ever get a sports title, though. I wish they would have gone to the World Series. The Cavs have never won the Finals, the Browns have never won the Super Bowl, and the Indians have never won the World Series. (Indians won the whole things a few times before the World Series came about, though)


Cleveland is the most championship deprived city out there! But yet everyone seems to overlook that... Everyone always knew about the Boston curse and whatnot, but Cleveland, that's another story...

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