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Efteling Discussion Thread

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I think this announcement by Efteling kinda flew by maybe a little unnoticed with the Kennywood and Holiday World announcements this week too, but a new GCI racing coaster with theming sounds really great to me. I personally can't wait to see how this one turns out!

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GCi + Efteling's standard of Theming + duelling = Awesome.


I don't think it's really fair judging this ride by lightning Racer. That ride is 9 years old, and see how far GCI coasters has evolved since then. Judging by their latest efforts, this is probably going to be incredible. Imagine something like a duelling El Toro

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This weekend the Dutch themepark The Efteling had something to celebrate. the 100.000.000 visiter since its opening in 1952 visited the park. this is 18 years after the 50.000.000 milion visiter visited the park in 1991. The estimation fot this year is somewhere around 4 million visiters.


Fun fact, in 1991 the pegassus openend, now 50.000.000 visiters later it closed


photo's of the happy family:





The park is still expanding. With their new sleeping resort opening this december, their new dueling GCI woody in june 2010 and the new theatre/restaurant The Raveleijn in 2011



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^ Please bare in mind that the Millennium Dome and all of it's expenses were funded by the UK taxpayers...including those that didn't go while it was open.


No it wasn't. It was it part funded by the tax payer, but also by sponsors, ground rent (eg. McDonalds), corporate events and entry tickets. From memory I think it remains the highest ever visitor attraction in Europe.


I'd want more than a day of VIP treatment, given the publicity I'm helping give the park, I'd want a life time season pass and a stay in the new hotel.

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They got a stay for the whole family in Bosrijk. But no, no life-time pass for these guys.


Then again, the largest group of fans isn't so sure that this really is the 100.000.000 visiter. Sure they had more than 100.000.000. But according so some calculations that person should have entered the gates a few months back. Also, its very typical that again a family wins, and not some fan of small couple....


But well, they got their 100.000.000 and thats the most important!

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^Yeah, and thanks again for being so persistent on that. Funny how things went smoothly and the park staff was really nice to us when we got there. The park rep even walked us over to Vogel Rok (not a short walk in that massive park) when I was just asking for directions.


Maybe we'll get lucky and the park will remember who we are this time around.

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