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Efteling Discussion Thread

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The coaster is really fantastic. There was aquafun, there were amazing wrong-banked turns, there was chaos twice as chaotic as Troy, there was some fun theming and I was there.


Almost as good as Troy. More chaos, less Airtime.

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Take a look at his little gay hand.




No, you're just a lovely dragon.



The swamp is coming...


The dragon does follow the movement of the trains during the entire ride. Even when you are on the lifthill he is already trying to scare you away with his angry face and smoking nostrils. Awesome interaction!

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There is no major difference between the two... Just a different but similar layout. Possibly the effects (flames and waterbombs) are different for each coaster too, I don't know exactly.


I only paid attention while in Fire, and I have to admit the Dragon is hardly noticably except for when on the lifthill...

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George and the Dragon, the newest woody of GCI, opened in the Efteling today. Time to move on to the next project of the Efteling: Ravelin, old Dutch; Raveleijn. Ravelin will be themed as a compact, flourishing, medieval city. The backside of the building, facing towards the park's parking lot and a public road, will be themed as a majestic renaissance building. There will be a restaurant and multiple offices inside the building. The exterior of the building will be the decor for a huge, expensive, new park show. Around the central building they will build a themed grandstand.


The opening is scheduled for spring 2011. The project costs 30 million euros, approximately 38 million US dollars.


Concept art:












An overview of the facades: (click!)





Interior of the restaurant and a medieval inn:




Pictures: Efteling/Eftelist

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Has anyone else noticed the loud ringing sound every time the ride makes a right turn? It has shown up in every POV too...anyone know what it could be?


Mean Streak was real good for that. I think it has to do with the amount, or lack thereof, grease on the tack. It is metal on metal squealing that you hear.

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Is the Dragon something you can clearly see from many points on the ride?


Has anyone ridden both? Is there any major difference between the two?



Going up the lifthill in Vuur/Fire/red cars you have a decent look at the dragon. But when you are riding the coasters your attention will probably be elsewhere, the splash is reported to be noticeable though. Especially in the back of Vuur. (When I rode it the effect was not working yet.)


Lots of people have ridden both sides now. About the difference: I rode Joris en de Draak last tuesday, on that day Vuur was noticably smoother than Water. Water had a rougher feel about it mor "woody" if you will. But they have been testing and training mainly with water so once Vuur has done more laps the difference might be less. Also on tuesday the waterside won consistently. reports coming in now state that the race is more unpredictable.


After sunday more people from TPR will have done the ride so you will get more opinions then.

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The project costs 30 million euros, approximately 38 million US dollars.


They must have a lot of Money to spend then! With the new expensive Dark Ride aswell!


With that amount of Money they colud have made the biggest, most AIRTIME FILLED Coaster in the Universe!!! (With FIRE!!!!! )

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Because the 'barn' of the darkride Dreamflight is visible from the parking lot and would clash with Ravelin (which lies right next to it) they gave it a little makeover.


What once looked like this with camouflage paint (at this picture the camouflage paint is already rubbed off):



Turned into...





... this!

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They built a dilapidated entrance gate to the city:



The two ravens are animatronics with detailed movements.


Actually it is bigger than you'd expect:



There will be an effect somewhere at the gate, like the effect at the Hollywood Tower Hotel/Tower of Terror sign (



More progress on the central building:



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I got several rides in on both sides during ERT and I found no noticible difference in roughness on either side. Then again, it was the last morning of the trip and I was so sleep deprived and sluggish that I may have just been numb to it!


I didn't see the dragon breathe any fire the entire time we were there. It was moving it's head and smoke was coming out of it's nose, though. I did see the water splash a few times in the morning and really loved it. It totally suprised me the first time it was timed just right on the ride.


Overall, it's a really fun, fast paced ride! It's got enough laterals and negative g's to make it a great woodie, but is smooth and "friendly" enough to be able to ride it all day. I really like that the first few drops and bunny hops are straight forward and not turning. I wish GCI would add more straight drops and straight hills to their designs

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Great coasters!! I liked Water slightly better, but this may just be because I rode it first, so Water got to make the first impression upon me. Both sides are pretty similar. A lot wilder than the family ride I was anticipating - expectations were surpassed by far!

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I totally didn't pay attention to which side was which, but I preferred the 'right side' when going up the lift hill.


Thought the first part was very cool as it was so different than the majority of GCI's, but my favorite part has to be the lowered height restriction and slightly redone lap bars to accomodate smaller riders. These coasters have a 43.5'' height restriction if you sit in the middle cars, that seems perfect for this awesome family ride!

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