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List the parks you have visited in 2012

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Let's see...




Europa Park

Holiday Park


Parque de Attractions Zaragoza

Parque de Attractions Madrid


Parque Warner Madrid

Isla Magica

Terra Mitica

Port Aventura


That's about it, now time to save up for a possible TPR trip in 2013

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Magic Kingdom, Twice

Epcot, Once

Hollywood Studios, Once

Animal Kingdom, Once

Busch Gardens Tampa, Once

Gillian's Wonderland Pier, Once

Great Adventure, 16 trips so far

Dorney, 11 trips so far

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Six Flags Magic Mountain


Disney California Adventure

Knotts Berry Farm

Santa Monica Pier


Coney Island

Dorney Park

Hershey Park



Cedar Point


Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Six Flags America

Six Flags Great Adventure


Alton Towers

Fantasy Island

Thorpe Park

Adventure Island

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


And my first ever visit to Europa Park in a couple of weeks

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Now that summer is coming to an end and I'll have little time to visit parks once school starts next week, my (most likely) final list is:




Belmont Park

Disneyland x6

Disney California Adventure Park x6

Knott's Berry Farm x5

SeaWorld San Diego

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Universal Studios Hollywood


First Time Visit:


Canada's Wonderland

Conneaut Lake Park

Darien Lake

Disneyland Paris-Disneyland Park

Disneyland Paris-Walt Disney Studios Park

Marineland Theme Park

Martin's Fantasy Island






Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Los Angeles County Fair

Orange County Fair


Not as many different or new parks as last year, but I probably got more total visits this year due to having a Disneyland pass (a place I like to visit monthly if not blocked out). For the remainder of the year, I'll get at least one more visit to each Disney park before my pass expires next month, as well as one or two more Knott's visits. I may visit SFMM as well to ride Lex Luthor, but there's also a good chance I'll just wait until WCB 2013 for that one.

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I'd say it was a pretty solid year thus far, considering I haven't been on any huge trips:


Kennywood (x4)

Cedar Point

Dorney Park (twice.....once for Coasting For Kids, then again to cash in the VIP Tour I won!)



Still up is VEGAS fun in about 10 days (with hopefully nabbing my missing Canyon Blaster credit) and then Phantom Fright Nights!

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Here's where I've been:


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kings Dominion



And, of course, all the parks of TPR's China Trip and Hong Kong add-on (really too numerous to mention).


This is the last coaster I rode in China: Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Cars.


And this was the first one.

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Last year my family went on a cross country trip and bought platinum passes to cedar fair parks. During the trip we were able to go to Knotts,Worlds of fun, Kings Dominion (homepark), Carowinds, Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Dorney park. This year I was able to visit serval parks outside of Cedar fair. So this year I've been to Busch gardens Tampa, Dollywood, Hershey park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Kings Dominion.

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This year's list consists only of Cedar Point (where I ride hosted all summer) and Kings Island. I did get to visit Tokyo Dome City/LaQua, but I didn't ride anything. I took the train over to Tokyo Disneyland as well, but due to time constraints and having to get back to my house in Hanamigawa, I couldn't go in and merely sighed and stared longingly at World Bazaar from the other side of the gate. It was a painful experience, but the mere fact that I was in Japan made things a bit better .

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