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Most Attractive Roller Coaster Elements

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wow I want to go there just to walk on that path! also there should someday be a barrel roll going through a loop or maybe triple interlocking loops and also


Love this picture. Look at that steel sexyness!

my school is going on a feild trip to kennywood in may, and I'm gonna yell that on the bus when we get there
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I must say looking at 2014 we have some interesting looking elements.


Take the Zero G Stall. This one looks really odd and I can't imagine how it would feel.

Banshee has 2 beauty's if you ask me. The Pretzel knot here in the center and the In-line wist in the background, that In-line looks so on-logic (It would have seen more logical if they twisted the other way around in my opinion) that I see a beauty there.

Last comes from the new Winged Coaster in Heide Park. This Brezel looks really twisty and really tight when I think about the winged trains going through it. A real eye-catcher for the ride.


2014 sure brings more beauty's into the world.

Source first 2 pictures: RCDB.Com

Source last picture: Coasterfriends.de

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^ You know what, I'm gonna change my statement. Alpengeist in general looks intimidating because, like you said, it's just so big! Last time I went was before Griffon was built, so I bet my perception of it's size will probably change next time I go, but I remember it being very intimidating no matter where we saw it.

Find any large ride, esprcally inverts, that are right next to the midway looming above you to be very intimidating looking


B&Ms also look very nice in general... Can't think of too many that I don't like the look of.

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^^^I really like the look of Heide Park's white/green theme!


The late, great headbanger Orient Express looked great. Bright red in amongst all the green foliage:



(I swear I had a couple fluke smooth rides on it!)


Way too much good stuff to pick from. I can stare at coasters all day. But I've always thought the Revolution - the graceful, sweeping first 3 drops (and the rest of the ride!) was particularly attractive. Even though it's completely covered by trees, it still maintains it's beauty.


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The Arrow sweeping drop on Phantom's Revenge, SFMM Viper, and Shockwave and GASM is my all time favorite looking element.


The Control Tower Keyhole on X-Flight looks really nice, too, as do the keyholes on GateKeeper. Skyrush and Mavericak are probably my 2 favorite looking coasters as a whole.

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It seems like pretty much every B&M coaster is photogenic - even if one is built on a parking lot.


Now that they do gigas I also really like how the lift hills look with that thicker track and not too many (yet large) supports

The funky turn (also because of the colors of the ride) looks great too



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