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Most Attractive Roller Coaster Elements

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Have you ever looked at a roller coaster and just stared in amazement at its beauty? Don't worry, you're not alone! Sometimes, roller coasters, with their intricate support designs, towering heights, or twisted steel, just have a great æsthetic appeal.


Here are some of my favorite elements:



Intimidator 305. So much track. So little support! Amazing!



Shambhala. That just looks intimidating! Has a figure-8 look to it, but sideways!


There are hundreds more, I'm sure. Let's see what you find!

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Medusa west "B&M Loop of Death"


Zonga, multicolored loops in a maze of steel supports


Superman: Ultimate Flight with the amazing gravity defying track!


Goliath over Colossus


Scream! And the interlocking corks


Revolution (with Tatsu in the second pic) and threading the needle


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I just love the beyond vertical drops on Gerstlauer's Euro-Fighters, especially Takabisha's 121 degree drop.


And don't forget the brand new Banana Roll, it's just the icing on the cake.



But we can't leave out the High-Five segment from Dragon Wings', can we?


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Top Gun's barrel roll "over" Showtime theater is pretty amazing:


Volcano looks just epic, you don't see a coaster themed around a volcano everyday:


Speaking of Volcanoes...

Who cares if Journey isn't a coaster, it looks spectacular.


Also, the enterance to SWSD's Manta looks amazing, even if the coaster is only 30'. I couldn't find any good photos of it on the internet unless you like a construction photo of it.


Photo Credits: Top Gun & Volcano: RCDB; Mount Prometheus: Trip Advisor

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Xcelerator's unsupported top hat gets my vote. It looks freaking awesome.


How does that just not totally fall apart.... its amazing!


Most coasters are strong enough to support the weight of the trains and forces without anything other than the spine and rails; the supports are there normally to just hold the weight at whatever height they need.


That isn't to say that some elements lean on the supports more than others, but that if not everything has to be "supported" to be strong.


As far as what I've always considered to be one the more prettier drops from the top, is Apollo's Chariot. The way that the hill hides the true height of the first drop is fun, as is the twist under the first drop in the camel backs.

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