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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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yeah. . . we walked up to clearly marked queues when we were there in October, and asked for single rider passes.


what he doesn't mention is that at TDR, they ask permission from groups for you to join them tho.

on Splash Mountain it *can* take a while on Single Rider, since you are sharing a log with folks.. . tho I ended up on one ride with a rowdy group of girls who were celebrating one's birthday.


so we were a Party log, and I think they enjoyed having me as the one Tourist with them - and yes, I got into the cheering and party attitude for the drops.

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After 9 years, Fantasmic! will come to an end at Tokyo DisneySea on March 25, 2020. Tokyo Disney Resort has not announced a replacement just yet. However, guests visiting later this year still have the huge expansion of Tokyo Disneyland to look forward to.



Saw, heard, and loved it, in 2013. And have the soundtrack cd, too!


Glad we got to see it, if only that one time.


One of my unfocused shots of it, 2013.

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Great new food and snack offerings, happening during the Annual PIXAR PLAYTIME Event in DisneySea.

It goes on until Mid-March, with a lot to offer that's eatable and drinkable!


More yummy descriptions of, at: https://tdrexplorer.com/pixar-playtime-menu-2020/ Thanks!


So much to choose from! (o: (o: (o: And those are NEMO churros, NOT Chandu churros. Darnit.

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Tokyo Disney has just posted a photo of one of the new ride vehicles

that will be part of the Baymax Happy Ride in Tomorrowland.


Not showing a lot, but what one can see, looks nice and shiny!

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Just found this information about Fantasy Springs' opening year being changed...


Oriental Land announced that it had pushed its Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo DisneySea back one year, to its 2023 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024. Fantasy Springs is the new "port" (i.e. land) in DisneySea, and will include four new attractions, three restaurants and a shop, all themed to the Disney films Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. It is slated to be built between the park's Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta ports.


Quote is from themeparkinsider.com ~ And I found the announcement from OLC itself...




(OLC also announced price increases for tickets and passes to the parks, starting this April.)


I'm glad that (so far) we're planning a visit in 2025.

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Tokyo Disneyland has just posted some of the new foods and drinks they'll be offering,

when Baymax's Happy Ride opens in April...along with "that other land and attraction."


Lots of it is posted at https://tdrexplorer.com/tokyo-disneyland-beauty-and-the-beast-baymax-menu/ ...


Soon to be available at the new BIG POP popcorn shop, around the corner from Baymax!

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I'm working on updating my trip report (finally getting to TDL complex - I've got about 1700 pics each day, that I'm winnowing down to ~400 from each day for my TR here).



but I came across this one from the 1st day I spent in TDL that has me stumped.


based on the pics around it? It's somewhere in the park between ToonTown & Fantasyland (the pic before it is Minnie's Mailbox, and the one after it is Peter Pan's Flight).


but no idea why I took the pic, or what it is. . LOL


any guesses?


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^Maybe you were taking a picture of the detailed queue gates for Thunder Mountain? That's what it kind of looks like to me.


Oh. . I'll bet you're right!


must have stopped there on the way to Peter Pan.


now that you mention it, I DO see a "B" "T" & "M" in that logo.

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I'm reading reports that Tokyo Disney Resort will be closed until March 15th due to COVID-19, but none of the blasted sites reporting on it have actually posted the text of OLC's press release. Can anyone find it?

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I've posted about this elsewhere and I know that a bunch of others feel the same way so I'm not acting like I came up with a groundbreaking theory here but I think it should be noted that this does not appear to be because people in Japan are actually panicking about COVID-19 like we are, it seems like a PR move aimed at the rest of the world who have been critical of their response to this for some reason.


If you're wondering how much the Japanese people themselves are actually worried about this, Soarin had a 150 minute wait today.

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