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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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^ such a big space just for that! but thanks for confirming.


is the building with the different roofing style, that's at the end of Gaston's a store? (do you know?)


that building is LeFou's (quick serve and presumably home to LeFou's brew). Gaston's Tavern will a larger restaurant.


The village shops will be across the street from the food service venues inside the new area. There will be 3 of them (Le Belle Librairie, Bonjour Gifts, and Little Town Traders).

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^ Great to remember. Thanks for the info. Joey!


In a concept model, the STAR there is where the paper Fast Passes for #1 were/are supposed to be given out.

This is a very early concept model, just to emphasize that. And just because.... #3 and #4 should be Le Fou's and Gaston's, respectively. The 2's are the three shops, opposite them. And #5 could be an actual Meet 'n Greet for Belle and Maurice ...and Beast too, hmm? And #1 and #6 = Main Attraction & Theatre. (o:

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^^ Actually, upon re-looking at this concept model, the icons' shapes obviously mean stuff. So it looks like:


Circles = Attractions; Fan-shaped = Show; 6-Sided = Shops; Squares = Food/Drink/Snack/Popcorn...


... and Yellow #10 is Minnie's new Meet 'n Greet Styling Shop.

And that Star? Still probably the Fast Pass distribution spot.



EDIT: I miss TDLR and all the gp's Cos Play costumes during this time (or any) of year.


This Princess had it made, with her built-in transport gown, LOL! (2013)


...Or you could go as a Bunch Of Duffies & Friends! (o: (2013)

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#5 is the popcorn cart


Oooo nice! Always room for more Tokyo Disney Popcorn!


^ I can't wait to try Grey Stuff Popcorn.


And yes, that too! BTW, what does "The GreyGray Stuff" actually taste like?


What's on the way to me now, via eBay sale. (o:

TDL Caramel Popcorn Cart Snack Case, for the Holidays!

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  • 2 weeks later...

From the "Location, Location" Dept...


From what a lot of people have posted, there is a lot of assumption that the new TANGLED area will be right side-by-side with the new PETER PAN-NEVERLAND, etc. in the new TDS area, opening approx. 2022.


I still don't believe this is what the Imagineers have plotted out. I cropped an overhead shot of the (then) construction area of the new-to-be Fantasy Springs. See below. And here's what I think:


Bottom Left Corner: The New Hotel which will wrap around that corner, and in front of the Bayside Monorail Station (for the hotel guests' private entry to the station).


Top Middle Area: The space for FROZEN can pretty much be made out. It will be literally back-to-back with the soon to open Beauty & Beast attraction.


Top Right Corner: This is where TANGLED will go, as it's an 'apparently' smaller attraction and "might actually" be a new form of Omni Mover in the water! (What I have read, amongst all the rumors about it).


Bottom Right Corner to Middle: It's all NEVERLAND with the new Peter Pan attractions, AND closer to the Hotel, a Tinker Bell "Dry Aquatopia" ride. And an eating establishment too.


My 5 cents. And I'm bored.


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Some new construction shots in Tokyo Disneyland, posted by http://www.tdrexplorer.com


Thanks to them, for the recent photos!


Beast's Castle.


Minnie's Style Studio Meet & Greet.


The Happy Ride With Baymax, in Tomorrowland.


The shops in Belle's Village...


...Opposite Le Fou's Brew-Counter Service on the left; Gaston's Restaurant on the right.


Maurice and Belle's Home. Home to a popcorn cart and the (possible) Fast Pass machines for Beauty/Beast attraction.


Cinderella Castle Refurbishment.


Should be all finished in time for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.


The scaffolding is all around the top part of the castle.

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  • 3 weeks later...

A still shot of a current model of the new Fantasy Springs in TDS, was posted today.


It's part of the latest episode of "The Imagineering Story".


Thank you to whoever posted it, with the labeling done, over it. (o:

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To ADD to The Above ^.....


On closer inspection of this table model of FS, the Tangled attraction definitely looks to be a boat ride with a turn table load/unload you can "just" make out, by the Tangled Tower. And there is still space between the rumored Arendelle Restaurant, and the Frozen Attraction show building, if you look closely.


I still maintain, that there is going to be some kind of transport connection to the two parks, done only with 3 & 4 day park (hopper) tickets. Just like Universal and the Hogwarts Express between it's two parks. And the Disneyland station would be "roughly" between + beyond the Beauty/Beast show building, and Toontown's Gadget's Coaster area.


It could work. And yes, I totally geek out, on Disney Parks' Attractions stuff.


P.S. All subject to rumor, and/or change. "Planning For 2025!"


Tangled, close up. The area is also on the other side of the walkways, thus opposite

Peter Pan's Neverland and not on the same side of, as previously thought.


Between the Table Service and the Show Building, there is an interesting 'rectangle'

in place, and rather flat, between the two. Hmm. A Transport Station, perhaps? (o;

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Bill, why do you believe there will be some sort of transportation? Or, even a walk way?


Honestly, there doesn't seem to be a need for an actual transportation "ride" because the lands are so close together between the two parks. Unlike Universal, where the lands are really far apart an warrant transportation.


If this connecting of the parks thing is true, I could see something along the lines of an elevated walkway connecting Arendelle to Beauty and the Beast area. I just don't see any practical need for a "ride" unless they are connecting different areas that we aren't thinking about.


I do hope they connect the parks, but if they do, I could also see them changing how park hoppers work. Changing to how the ticket works at all the other Disney Parks; same day, no restrictions.

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^ Call me a silly optimistic guy, I guess. If nothing comes of such a thing, that's cool.


And as I said before, we aren't planning to get over there until 2025. So anything can happen, until then!

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Found a couple of new (to me) photos on the net. One shows more of Maurice's Cottage, where Fast Pass machines for the Beauty/Beast attraction, should be located. The other is of a new Toontown sign that was just revealed, taking the place of one mounted on a wall. This has apparently provided photo ops, too. Yay Mickey!



Looks nice, that sign does. Thank you to Spencer Lloyd, who took these two photos.

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that Toontown sign has been there for ~ two months (at least). . . here are the pics I took with it back in Oct


and yeah, saw TONS of folks taking pics with it, since I was hanging out near here to meet up with Jon once I discovered where I could get that Haunted Mansion candy holder!


Eventually these will show up in my TPR Spooktacular Trip report. . but since you can't help yourself, Bill, and scour the net for pics



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^ Oh Bert, you know me so well. And here's some photos of the new food and beverages that will be offered in the new Fantasyland expansion, when it opens next year.


Artwork and photos by Disney, and posted by http://www.tdrexplorer.com, thanks!


Interior of La Taverne de Gaston Restaurant.


Gastons Berry Cheer Beer Soda


French Toast Sandwich.


Hunters Pie.


Not to be outdone, TomorrowLand's new Big Pop popcorn shop, will have these flavors available:

(l to r) Cookies & Cream; Strawberry Milk; Cheese & Caramel popcorn!


Le Fou's Snack Shop (beside Gaston's) will have Apple-Caramel Churros available. Yum!

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Besides the above, there's also to be three shops in this new part of FantasyLand,

all opposite Gaston's and LeFou's.



Guests will enter the Fantasyland expansion through Belle’s village, which will have three shops inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


La Belle Librairie is based on Belle’s favourite bookstore and even has the rolling ladder from the film’s opening number.


Little Town Traders will be decorated with hand-made toys, candlesticks and dish-ware. The shop is shown in the concept area below, which has souvenirs based on fan-favourite characters.


Bonjour Gifts will be themed as a tailor and hat-maker’s shop with dresses and tools decorations.


Thank you to http://www.tdrexplorer.com for the post.


Like shops in Main Street, you can pass thru one, into the other, by the look of the artwork here. Artwork by Disney.

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  • 4 weeks later...

There's a new construction posting at tdrexplorer.com of the new Fantasyland section being built.




Here's a couple of the many photos taken. Thanks tdrexplorer!


Disney Trivia: Tokyo Disneyland can now claim the honor of having TWO castles in it's park! While Beast's Castle is definitely much smaller than the central Cinderella Castle, it was decided to build this, in forced perspective that Disney Imagineering does best, as the entry facade into the new Beauty/Beast attraction.


Cool looking 3D painted mountains behind the entry and hiding the show building for

the new live performance theatre to open with everything else in TDL, in April.

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I have a hard time believing they would disrupt their current models of crowd control by linking the parks so easily.


I agree with Joey. Just because the parks are expanding and adding capacity, it doesn't mean that the transportation network has to expand... If we were talking a third park, that might be a different story, but transportation systems are designed with anticipated needs that go well beyond 5-10 years worth of expected growth... If the parks were in dire need of additional transportation options, there should be no doubt that the Oriental Land Company would have already addressed the issue.

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Found a couple of recent photos, posted by @kerokero_2525...thank you! First, an overhead shot of the Resort. Second, a new pic of Beast's Castle in New Fantasyland, taken from a bit farther back, where you will head towards the attraction's show building.



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From Screamscape:


Yukendoit has posted a new video revealing two valuable secrets to visiting Tokyo Disneyland… two attractions that have “secret” and unpublished single riders lines that you have to ask for to get into them. You’ll find these on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.





Granted this is a google translate from the Japanese site (which most travelers should check as well as the English one because normally the native one can be more up to date) but even the English site shows Splash Mountain using the search and Big Thunder Mountain does say single-rider on its description there.


Not sure why these are considered secret and unpublished, the Tokyo parks have some permanent single rider lines (Raging Spirits, Indy, Splash Mountain) but they do experiment with different rides and put them on the site. My favorite was still my visit in Feb/March 2012 when they had a ToT single rider line.

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